417 Editorial Photo Policy for 417 Magazine, 417 Home, 417 Bride, and Biz 417
417 Magazine acquires images by using in-house photographers, freelance photographers, reader submissions, and by making inquiries to organizations and sources. If you have a question or need more information about photography for 417 Magazine, please contact heather@417mag.com.


Photo submissions
Photographers and readers may submit photos of local interest by email to heather@417mag.com with a clear subject line, or on a disc to the 417 office. Images should be high resolution/ 300 dpi, digital jpeg or tif files without watermark. Please explicitly state the subject matter/location for each image in the email body. For large collections of images, please include a few samples as stated above and include a direct link to the full online gallery. We must have photographers name with photo submissions so we can credit photographer correctly and readers submissions must have usage rights to the photos. 

2016-2017 Suggested topics include:
• Seasonal, outdoor images taken in 417-land (especially vertical shots)
• Weddings of local couples
• Gorgeous home interiors and outdoor residential spaces
• Special Events
• Styled parties, showers, dinners
• Community and Charity Events

2017 Call list for cover feature stories:
• Spring/Summer Hikes and Trails in Missouri and Arkansas (vertical and horizontal)
• Local and Natioanl Parks in Missouri
• Lake and water sports photos in Missouri
• Fall Festival Photos from fest in Missouri
• Senic Getaways
• Photos of Fall Folliage in Missouri
• Snowy and Winter Photos taken in Mssouri

Photo Usage
Agreeing to publication grants 417 Magazine rights to the image for editorial use in that issue and any other 417 publication in the future, either in print or online versions. 417 Magazine will not release the image to any other publications or organizations without explicit permission from the photographer. 417 Magazine will not sell your image or use it for any advertising without permission or purchasing the photo from the photographer. 

In all cases, photo credit will be given on each page the photo appears and in the masthead of the issue, under “Contributing Photographers and Illustrators.” Images submitted from organizations, with no specific photographer provided will be credited as Photo courtesy of [the organization]. Images submitted from individual photographers will be credited as Photo by [photographer first and last name]/ [photographerwebsite].  Images submitted from a photography studio will be credited as Photo by [photography studio]/ [studio website].

Special crediting Cases:

• Parting Shot
Images submitted or used for the Parting Shot page in 417 Magazine will have a more prominent image title, photographer byline and brief caption describing the image which will appear as text on the page, rather than in the gutter. We do not pay for parting shot photos used in editorial. 

• Wedding Images for 417 Magazine
Images submitted for the Wedding page in 417 Magazine will have an additional credit in a page sidebar that lists select wedding vendors. We do not pay for wedding photos used in editorial. 
 • Real Weddings and Our Wedding Story for 417 Bride
Images used for the Real Weddings (2-4 pages) will have an additional credit in a page sidebar that lists select wedding vendors. We do not pay for wedding photos used in editorial. 

 • Home Profiles for 417 Magazine and 417 Home

Images used for Home Profiles will have a more prominent byline credit on the opening page of the story. We do not pay for home photos used in editorial submitted by readers, builders, and designers. 

 • Cover story features for 417 Magazine
Images used for cover story features (10-20 pages) will have a more prominent byline credit on the opening page of the story.


Photo payment

In line with industry standards, we are only able to offer photographer or organizational credit for most images submitted for stories, as listed above. Exceptions to this policy are at the discretion of 417 Magazine

For images submitted or requested for a cover feature story (see Current Call  and Suggested Topics lists), 417 Magazine offers a one-time payment for editorial use including printing and online rights to the current issue and any future 417 publication in addition to the credits listed above.

Freelance assignments will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. For rates, please contact heather@417mag.com.

To receive payment, verify amount with heather@417mag.com and submit an invoice by email or mail to 2111 S. Eastgate Ave., Springfield, MO 65809, attn: Heather Kane.


Photo rates*
• Feature image, standalone, full page or larger image, $50
• Cover feature image, less than a page, not standalone, $20
• Department images, Real Wedding images, Home photos, Spaces photos credit only 
• Freelance assignment per image, case-by-case, contact art department

Freelance assignment, full or half day, case-by-case, contact art department.

*Photo rates apply to original photography done specifically for 417 Magazine on a freelance basis, or original photography by a photographer who submits that work to 417 Magazine for publication.

*Photo rates do not apply to press, promotional, or source submitted photos provided to 417 Magazine by story subjects, businesses, chambers of commerce, tourism boards, etc.

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