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Director of Admissions, Drury University

When Lindsey Sapp scooted (literally) into an interview for the director of admissions position with Drury University, the outgoing 28-year-old made it clear that she wasn’t taking no for an answer. Ready for a new adventure after working for the City of Nixa for almost three years, the tendon tear in Sapp’s foot and accompanying knee scooter must have been good luck charms; she was hired on the spot. Sapp’s energetic work ethic was made clear immediately as she brought in sky-high recruitment numbers. “The greatest reward is knowing that I am guiding students and helping them build a strong foundation for their future,” Sapp says.

Also an advisor for Drury’s Student Recruitment Team, Sapp is constantly traveling around southwest Missouri and Arkansas, keeping in contact with prospective students, their parents and counselors. When she’s not busy helping students, the Nixa resident stays busy planning weddings for family and non-family, something she hopes to eventually take on full-time as the owner of a bridal boutique. Whether she’s helping students understand the college admission process or coordinating weddings, the Columbia College graduate is constantly focused on helping others.

In her off time, Sapp can be found riding horseback, spending time on Table Rock Lake and running races for the Susan G. Komen Foundation in honor of her aunt who lost her battle to breast cancer in 2009. –D.D.

417: Where do you find passion to do what you do?
L.S.: The admission process and deadlines can be overwhelming for the students and parents. The greatest reward is knowing that I am guiding students and helping them build a strong foundation for their future. That is the driving force behind my passion.

417: Are you involved in any charitable organizations?
L.S.: I previously worked for the City of Nixa, and was part for the Helping from the Heart Committee. We would adopt four families and four seniors each year for Thanksgiving and Christmas and would raise funds to help support them. We would also hold a Valentine’s Day chili cook-off and raffle to help raise funds, too. I have also been involved with the Susan G Komen Foundation by running 5Ks and half marathons.  

417: Are you single/married, and do you have any kids?
L.S.: Ben and I got married on October 24, 2009. Our fur-child is a 2-year-old American Bulldog named Diesel.

417: What are your hobbies (when you’re not working)? 
L.S.: Coordinating weddings, running, riding horses, wakeboarding, snowboarding, camping and going to the lake.

417: Are you a member of any professional organizations?
L.S.: A member of MOACAC-The Missouri Association of College Admission Counseling.

417: How would you define the secret to success?
L.S.: By working hard and being persistent and never giving up is how I would define the secret to success. Always having a goal to work towards is what pushes me every day to be successful.      

417: What’s your favorite thing about your career?
L.S.: Getting to know each and every one of the students that I work with, and knowing that I am helping them reach their goal is my favorite thing about my career.

417: What’s your favorite thing about working in 417-land?
L.S.: The feeling of a community is my favorite thing about working here is the 417 area. Being so close to Table Rock Lake would be my second favorite thing!

417: If you could go back and give the high school version of yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?
L.S.: Make friends with your admission counselors, because they are more important than you know! 

417: What was your “dream job” at age 5?
L.S.: Being on the US Olympic Equestrian Team

417: List three traits that define a successful career:
L.S.: Ethical, goal focused and persistent.

417: Why are you a 20 Under 30?
L.S.: It is because I make a difference in our community. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and get involved—a lot of times it is the small things that make the biggest difference. I was shocked and humbled to know that I was nominated.

417: What projects do you have on the horizon at your job that you’re excited about?
L.S.: Starting up the recruitment process for the fall class of 2014!

417: What completed project are you most proud of?
L.S.: I am currently one of the advisors for Drury’s Student Recruitment Team and we are in the process of revamping this program. This student recruitment team is the face of Drury, and we are very excited to meet the new members that will be chosen for 2013-14.

417: _____ makes life worth living.
L.S.: Peanut butter pie.

417: A day at work wouldn’t be complete without _____.
L.S.: The help of the admission interns!

417: Ten years from now, I hope I’m _____.
L.S.: Traveling more with Ben.

417: If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would _____.
L.S.: Start a bully-breed safe haven.

417: The best part about being a 20 Under 30 is _____.
L.S.: I’m not 30!


Celebrate with the Class of 2013 on Thursday, April 25 at Highland Springs Country Club. 

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