5 Best Places to Buy Amazing Greeting Cards

No gift is complete without a card, and luckily these five local shops have plenty of choices that showcase your style and sense of humor better than any generic card ever could.

DISCLAIMER: The information in this article was fact checked and accurate at press time, but 417 Magazine cannot guarantee its accuracy indefinitely.

1. 5908

2144 E. Republic Rd., Springfield, 417-889-5908

Springfield’s 5908 is a top spot for the latest upscale décor, but add it to your list for offbeat greeting cards. The shop carries three lines, Offensive & Delightful, Jolly Awesome and blank cards, all with speak-your-mind sayings and clever jokes. 

Who They’re For: The Locavore. For the one who strives to eat, shop and do all things local, pick up one of the bold text cards designed by 5908. 


2. Acacia Spa 

1536 E. Primrose St., Springfield, 417-823-8318, acacia-spa.com

Acacia Spa carries a full selection of cards from the Frank + Funny line. Each has a single-color background with a clever saying or witticism to remind us we’re all young (and a bit sarcastic) at heart. 

Who They’re For: The “Age Is Just a Number” Friend. The full line of Frank + Funny cards at Acacia has the perfect birthday joke to bring a smile to someone aging with grace and a sense of humor. 


3. The Market

2628 S. Glenstone Ave., Springfield, 417-889-1145

No matter the occasion, The Market has the perfect card among its rows and rows of greeting card options. The store even carries cards that deal with cancer—one of the times in life it can be hard to find the right words. 

Who They’re For: Just about everyone. With the widest selection, this is your go-to place for cards from touching and sweet to off-color and snarky. 


4. National Art Shop

509 S. National Ave., Springfield, 417-866-3743

Nestled among the paintbrushes and frames at National Art Shop are cards for just about every purpose imaginable. There are plenty of classic birthday cards in the bunch, but this selection stands out for some of the more unusual ones like the impressive pop-up cards, intriguing critter-portrait postcards and photo cards by freelance artists. 

Who They’re For: The Art History Buff. A line of museum cards with classic paintings is sure to impress your more distinguished friends. 


5. Kaleidoscope

1430 E. Sunshine St., Springfield, 417-883-9636

True to its hip history, Kaleidoscope has an array of cards to appeal to your friends with an off-color sense of humor. The store has cards for every occasion from birthdays and anniversaries to apologies and divorce, and lines range from all-text Coffee Stain Cards to stylized prayer cards from Extra Works’s Mortal Sins collection.

Who They’re For: The Edgy Eccentric. Every card at Kaleidoscope makes you chuckle, but some laughs come from naughty innuendo, perfect for your equally suggestive friend. 

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