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Local author Siphiwe Baleka’s first book is a guide to fitness and good health—even if you have a job that keeps you seated more than moving around.

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It's no secret that truck drivers have a lot of barriers to good health in their lives. They sit in the cab of a truck for hours each day, and gym memberships aren’t exactly easy to come by when you’re on the go.

When Yale swimmer Siphiwe Baleka joined Prime Inc. as a truck driver, even he (with his athletic background) experienced the weight gain and health detriments of that line of work. In an effort to take control of his health, Baleka developed a nutrition and exercise plan that has helped numerous Prime drivers get and stay healthy. 

Now Baleka’s applying those concepts to everyone with jobs or lifestyles that keep them sitting instead of moving for most of the day.

His book, 4 Minute Fit: The Metabolism Accelerator for the Time Crunched, Deskbound and Stressed-Out, came out at the end of last month and features tons of tips for staying fit when your occupation isn’t exactly conducive to healthful living. 

The usefulness of the book is its biggest draw. Illustrative photographs of Baleka in action show readers exactly how to perform numerous exercises that require little space and no equipment. There are charts and sidebars throughout that further explain the fitness and nutrition points that Baleka is making. 

Whether the book (which is o-written by L. Jon Wertheim) is teaching readers all  about making smart nutrition choices, understanding their metabolism or finding ways to fit in effective workouts, the content is accessible and easy-to-digest—making the idea of jump starting our health a lot less intimidating, even if we don’t spend hours in a truck cab for a living.


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