From Sole to Soul

Dynamic Body’s mission is total body wellness, and it’s newest location in Springfield is designed to help clients achieve just that.

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Dynamic Body’s newest location has expanded to include even more treatment rooms offering total body wellness.

Dynamic Body has seen a lot of changes during its 15 years, but one thing has remained the same: providing enough space for their customers. The total health company has lived in four locations, most recently moving to Woodhurst Avenue in Springfield in September 2016. This newest space is by far the biggest, and owner Lindsay French considers the 8,000-square-foot building her dream space. 

The front doors open to the main reception area and boutique wall, which has clothing, accessories, workout gear and even food for customers to take home. At the back of the lobby the building splits in to two sides: fitness and wellness. The fitness side showcases space that you wouldn’t predict from the outside of the building. There’s three workout studios, named Dynamic Movement, Pilates and GYROTONIC®. The studios are the largest rooms in the building, with drastically high ceilings. The building used to be an MRI building for Mercy, French says, and the high ceilings were a the deciding factor when she was choosing a new space. The large rooms allow all the equipment to fit. The fitness side also has its own waiting area and the restrooms include showers.

Opposite the fitness side is the wellness side, holding all the treatment rooms for therapists and estheticians. Clients go to the wellness side and can sit in another waiting area and enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea before getting treated. Each therapist offers something a little different, including reflexology treatments, pedicures, facials, microdermabrasion, massages, body scrubs, acupuncture, cupping treatments and more. The wellness side feels more like a quiet, relaxing spa, something both employees and customers enjoy. 

Dynamic Body’s new location came together rather quickly, with French closing on the building in March and construction starting in May. French says she had a design for the space for a long time and needed to know the building would work before buying it, which prevented a lot of design hang-ups. “This is the first space I’ve gotten to design from the floor up,” she says. “It took a few weeks to adapt, but everyone loves it.” 

When guests first walk in to Dynamic Body, they’re greeted by the reception desk and boutique. The boutique sells clothes, accessories, workout gear and even nutrition supplements like protein shake mixes to support total body wellness. The back wall splits the studio into two sides: wellness, with treatment rooms, and physical, with workout rooms.


Each side of the studio has its own waiting room for clients to use before or after classes and services. This one on the fitness side is larger, with a seating area and safe cubbies to store clothes and belongings while in class. The bamboo feature on the ceiling extends from the main lobby to connect the spaces.


Just outside the Dynamic Movement room, guests have plenty of towels available to use during workouts. The mural demonstrates a Ropes pose and is dubbed the “Great Yoga Wall.”


On the studio’s wellness side, therapist Lenka Hales offers reflexology and pedicure services to clients. Hales uses 3-free and 5-free nail polishes, which is polish that doesn’t have common chemicals in it.


Classes here are small, averaging three to four people and maxing out at six people. But that doesn’t mean there is a limited clientele—French says the studio holds over 100 classes a week. Class sizes are kept small so trainers can give individual attention to clients.


Dynamic Body is one of the only studios in Springfield that offers GYROTONIC® classes, a workout that focus on lengthening muscles. French saw the potential in the large rooms to hold all the equipment and is always working on adding more pieces for classes. The studio also hosts trainings once a year for instructors to gain certifications.


When French was assessing the building to see if it would work for a new studio, the original high ceiling was a big plus. She knew the large rooms would be great for Pilates classes, and added the industrial sized fan to the ceiling.


The studio had a lot of workout equipment that needed to make the move to the new location, but French also wanted room to grow. That was another factor in choosing a building with such large rooms. Now, classes can hold 3 or 4 students who have plenty of space to move around and feel comfortable.


French had been saving pictures for inspiration when she first started thinking about the move, so she was ready to take the design in her head to the construction team. Snyder Construction completely overhauled the building, even replacing the HVAC and electrical systems. Rob Haik with H Design Group designed the interior architecture, and Kathe Bruton with Bruton Design Studios chose the interior materials and finishes. The team worked to create what French calls her dream space.


The studio has two massage therapists: Keisha McDaniel and Haven Richardson. Both have their own room for clients to get specialized treatments with McDaniel, who also does acupuncture and cupping treatments, and Richardson, who is the longest-tenured therapist at Dynamic Body. Another therapist, Becca Venti, offers body scrub treatments, facials and specializes in eyelash extensions.

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