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Silver Dollar City kicks off its 2017 season with a new festival that is packed with larger-than-life experiences. Grab the whole family and enjoy the excitement this spring at the Festival of Wonder.

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The Flamenco Kings, the world’s foremost flamenco dancers, are seven brothers whose stunning performances combine flamenco, tap, music, martial arts and acrobatics.

This April when you head to Silver Dollar City, prepare to be amazed. After more than two decades of hosting World Fest during the month of April, the folks at SDC are changing things up with a brand new festival chock full of unconventional and entertaining acts. The Festival of Wonder is filled with shows that incorporate giant instruments, gravity-defying acrobats, flamenco-dancing brothers and more. There are multiple showings of each performance every day so you can fill your day at SDC with one incredible experience after another. 

According to Jim Moeskau, the director of entertainment and events at SDC, when planning for the Festival of Wonder, the focus was on finding acts that could bring the wow factor. What Moeskau and his co-workers found are seven shows that run the entertainment gambit. 

There are musical acts like Earth Harp Collective, which features the world’s largest stringed instrument. The strings stretch all the way from the stage to the back of the auditorium. “It’s like putting the audience inside the instrument,” Moeskau says. “They’re literally sitting there with the strings going over them.” If dancing is more up your alley, be sure to see the Flamenco Kings. Seven brothers combine flamenco and tap dancing with martial arts and acrobatics. There are also shows that inspire awe and defy classification, such as the speed painter Dan Dunn. Dunn creates exquisite works of art in a flash, a talent he’s showcased on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

If all the excitement from the shows makes you hungry, pop over to one of the park’s restaurants to try some of the specialty snacks the chefs at SDC have created to coincide with the Festival of Wonder. We’re especially excited about the Curious Kebabs that feature interesting meats like shark or alligator on a stick. 

There’s so much to enjoy at The Festival of Wonder that you might not be able to fit all the fun into one trip, but the festival runs from April 6 through April 30, so you don’t have to. 


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