Meet a Staffer: Terin Leigh

This month, meet sales assistant, Terin Leigh.

DISCLAIMER: The information in this article was fact checked and accurate at press time, but 417 Magazine cannot guarantee its accuracy indefinitely.

Describe what you do at work day-to-day:
I assist the sales team in all areas, whether that is pulling reports, maintaining the sales materials, or selling frames of profiles and articles as seen in the magazine. I have many hats, and those can change at any moment depending on the day. Special projects or requests are my forte, and with the sales team those are a common occurrence. 

Describe something you worked on recently or are working on right now that you’re proud of. 
I have had a few rock star moments selling frames—maybe even record-breaking, but I don’t really know that to be true. 

What’s your favorite thing you’ve done for this job? 
Participating in the Best of 417 party bus escapades. There is something so gratifying in surprising people with obnoxious noisemakers and a group of people during the workday. 

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever had to do for this job? 
Attempting to win a baby shower contest by using the cheapest toilet paper on the shelves to create a diaper.
What’s your favorite thing to do while in 417-land?
Going home because there is no place like it. 

What’s your favorite piece of magazine lingo?
“Double truck” because it sounds so wrong but looks so right. Editor’s Note: Double truck refers to ads that run across two facing pages. 

What’s your favorite thing to eat that you can only find in 417-land?
I can tell you what isn’t my favorite thing, and that is picking favorite things. I love food and desserts especially. A few things that I enjoy when I indulge are Hurts Donuts or the fries at Black Sheep Burgers & Shakes. 

If there were a movie about your life in 417-land, what would its title be?
It would definitely have to be an independent film because there is nothing Hollywood about my life. It might be called something like Not Another Teen Movie… Literally because my teen years are long gone, and adulting is in full effect. 

What celebrity would you most like to have coffee and conversation with? Why?
Joe Rogan. I have crushed on him since Fear Factor. He is extremely intelligent and doesn’t hesitate to drop the F-bomb mid conversation. His podcasts are more than entertaining; they are enlightening. You subconsciously re-evaluate your state of mind. I think he has a wealth of experience and knowledge that he could share, and like a sponge, I would absorb every drop.

Do you have a nickname in the 417 Magazine office?
Not that anyone has said to my face. 

What do you do in your free time? 
I do bodybuilding, eat, spend an extreme amount of time snuggling my bulldogs, eat, go on adventures (always at the last minute) and eat some more. Sensing a pattern? If there isn’t food near me, it isn’t happening. 

What would you do if you won $10 million?
I would pay off my house and car, share some of the green with those closest to me and those who need it and then research the best way to invest what is left and earn interest. 

What is your Facebook status right now?
Does a selfie count as a status? 

What would your co-workers say is your most distinguishing feature at work? 
The amount of “baggage” I come with. It’s only a lunch box, but am I anticipating a disaster, or are those my meals for the day? 

What restaurant do you wish was located in 417-land?
I can’t choose just one restaurant; that seems like discrimination. But, I would love a Protein House and a Rad Coffee Co. to come to town. I hope they’re reading this!

What talent would you most like to have?
I would love to be able to sing well. There is something so freeing and peaceful about a beautiful voice. The ability to express emotions through song, to capture people’s souls—now that is talent. 

If you could spend a day being anyone else in the world, who would it be and why?
No one. I would rather learn to be myself in this lifetime than be someone else. 

What is your favorite thing about working at 417 Magazine?
The ability to express my own style in a corporate world. It is like a fashion show daily. 


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