What's Your Favorite?

Meet Jackie Stiles: Retired WNBA and Missouri State Lady Bears basketball player and owner of Jackie Stiles Total Training.

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Despite 13 surgeries from her playing days, Jackie Stiles recently decided to hike Pike’s Peak in Colorado with her brother, going to the top and back down in one shot. “We got up early, and no one had passed us,” Stiles says. “All of a sudden, this guy runs past us. Here I am on a leisure hike, and I can’t take it, so I start running to catch up to him and I thought, ‘What is wrong with me?’” Stiles jokes that when it comes to her competitiveness, “I’m a psycho. I’m a nutcase.” She may not be playing basketball professionally anymore, but the competitive juices haven’t stopped flowing.

So what has the leading scorer in Missouri State and NCAA history been doing since she stopped playing professionally? Perhaps the greatest statement is what she still hasn’t had to do. “I’ve never had to get a real job,” she says. “I’ve never actually been on a job interview. That is the biggest blessing basketball has given. I would love to be playing, but this is the next best thing, helping young athletes reach their goals and dreams.”

These days she is doing just that. Stiles recently moved back to Springfield and is running her business, Jackie Stiles Total Training. She specializes in basketball lessons, personal training, camps, clinics and speaking across the country. But it is Springfield where she created so many exciting moments that she shared with the fans, and she’s happy to be back. “What I got to experience in those four years was just so special,” says Stiles. “Now I’m reminded of memories. I’m out in public and people come up to me and tell me about this game or that game.”
Crediting yoga, Stiles is back feeling physically better than ever. In fact, she completed her first half-marathon in the fall. She may just be running for fun, but it would still be wise not to attempt to pass her.

What's Your Favorite...

Game you’ve played in?
“Definitely when we beat Duke in the NCAA Tournament my senior year, then we beat Washington to get to the Final Four.”

Basket you’ve made?
“We were playing at Baylor, my sophomore year. We were down 10 with two minutes left on their home court. We ended up catching back up, and we were down 3 with eight seconds left, and I had to dribble the length of the court. I pulled up for an NBA three-pointer, and I made the three and they fouled me. I was on the free throw line to win the game with no time on the clock, and I made the free throw.”

Flavor of Runts?
“Strawberry or cherry, whatever the red or the pink is.”

Thing about Christmas?
“Being home with my entire family. We’re all so busy, so it’s rare that we all are home together.”

Drill to run?

“It’s called Out of 35. You shoot five shots at seven spots on the court, and see how many you can make from three.”


Fitness fact people may not know?
“The McDonald’s small ice cream cone is only 150 calories. I am constantly getting them when I crave something sweet.”

Type of smoothie?
“At Ozark Fitness they have a no-bake cookie protein shake. I love anything chocolate.”

Saved By the Bell character?
“Zack Morris, he was my first crush.”

Yoga position?
“I love being upside down, so I love headstands."

Hotel you’ve stayed in?

“The Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando. It’s right by Universal Studios. They had an underwater sound system, and the food was so good. I also love the Chateau on the Lake.”

Favorite other Jackie?
“Jackie Joyner-Kersee. I was a huge fan of hers, but I was actually named after Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis; my full name is Jacqueline Marie.”

Soap opera?

“I never have gotten into soap operas, but I do get into reality TV shows. I watch The Bachelor and still watch the Real World. I don’t act my age.”

Thing about being back in Springfield?

“Definitely the people.”

“I'd rather fail at attempting something great than succeed at doing nothing at all.”

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