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Six Questions with Dr. Kerri Miller

A nurse-turned-inventor created a clinical-strength rehydration drink that’s available over the counter. Bonus: It’s a killer hangover cure.

Meet a Staffer: Tana Aguas

This month, meet 22-year-old Marketing and Events Assistant Tana Aguas.

Seven Questions with Adam DeBacker

Inspired by a love for the kitchen and making people happy, 17-year-old chef Adam DeBacker has owned Truffles E Truffles for seven years, rolling more than 20,000 pieces of chocolaty goodness for...

Five Questions with Amy Vaughan

An occupational therapist uses nearly two decades of expertise to create a book that can give every parent the tools they need to help their kids thrive both in school and out.

Seven Questions With Nicholas Tarr

With artistic skills that lend themselves to large-scale fabrication, Nicholas Tarr leads the way as art director for one of the region’s biggest music festivals: Wakarusa.

Meet a Staffer: Heather Kane

On this page, we introduce you to people who help make 417 Magazine happen. This month, meet our art director, 30-year-old Heather Kane.

Getting to Know Kent Melton

Skill and serendipity led this lifelong artist from small-town schools with no art education to a job creating character sculptures for Disney and Pixar.

Dr. Tim Woods

He tended to the wounds of one of the most famous soldiers of recent years, and now he’s treating patients right here in 417-land.

18 questions with Harper S. Brady

Meet the pint-sized actor whose career has already taken him from the stages of Springfield all the way to a touring production of Elf the Broadway Musical.

An Artist’s Studio

Take a look inside local artist Jeff Broekhoven's studio.

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