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Level 2 Steakhouse Cooking Class

This 417 Magazine Cooking Class highlights recipes for a four-course dinner that Chef Jeffrey Luzius with Level 2 Steakhouse will prepare.

Seafood Salad at Nearly Famous Deli & Pasta House

These seven dishes or drinks have passed our taste buds and made us rave. They are ranked by level of yumminess.

Fresh New Menu

The Terrace Grille works with 417-land farmers’ markets to offer guests dishes featuring locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Cheap Eats

Cheap eats. There’s a certain level of excitement that surrounds these two words when they’re used together. There’s the thrill of finding a terrific meal for an affordable price. There’s...

Pasta With a Kick

Inspired by a dish at a former Springfield restaurant, Rhonda Kauble created a moderately spicy, super-indulgent pasta dish that has everyone coming back for seconds.

Nonna's Italian Cafe Cooking Class

The 417 Magazine Cooking Class series highlights the best local chefs and their creations. On the following pages, you’ll find recipes for the four-course dinner that Chef Peter Tinson of...

5 Best: Green Drinks

St. Patrick’s Day is this month, and we all know what that means: green beer! But booze isn’t the only green-colored concoction you can guzzle down this month. In honor of our favorite Irish...

5 Best Spinach Dips

Need a new way to eat your veggies? When it’s mixed with things like zesty artichoke hearts, freshly chopped garlic and creamy cheese, spinach becomes everyone’s favorite leafy green. We...

Ozark Salmon Salad from Black Oak Grill

These seven dishes or drinks have passed our taste buds and made us rave. They are ranked by level of yumminess.

417 Magazine Cooking Class With The Rebecca Grille

Chef Noah Smith of The Rebecca Grille warms up the kitchen in this month’s 417 Magazine cooking class with a winter menu full of savory-sweet treats.

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