Best of 417 2010—People

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EP = Editors' Pick   RP = Readers' Pick


Best Visual Artist

Josh Mitchell (EP)
This super-active local artist who works out of The Art Station on Cherry Street creates stunning work from recycled materials (like when he hung ink-jet cartridges as mobiles), and he always has something fun planned for Art Walk. He’s a commercial photographer with offices in Springfield and the west coast, but it’s his fine art photography that catches our eye. There are breathtaking images of gorgeous vistas, and there are mind-bending works of conceptual photography. Learn more at

Best Crafty Queen

Elsie Flanigan (EP)
The owner of Red Velvet Art, this Springfieldian’s line of scrapbooking materials called Love Elsie sells like hotcakes in Hobby Lobby stores nationwide.

Best Person to Call if You Need a Home Built in A Week

Sam Clifton (EP)
Sure, it was an enormous feat to pull off a home-building project in one week for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. But I’m sure Sam’s up for the challenge again. Right? (Just kidding. Please don’t ask Sam Clifton to build you a home in one week.)

Best Radio Personality or Team:

<<< J. Fotsch & Dawn McClain, The Morning Buzz on Power 96.5 (RP)
(Fotsch and McClain beat out longtime winners Kevin Howard and Liz Delany by just 2/10 of a percent.)
Kevin Howard & Liz Delany, The Lounge on Alice 95.5
Woody P. Snow & Janet Layne, Woody & Janet in the Morning on KGBX

 Best Connection to the World Outside 417-land

91.1 FM (EP)
KSMU and NPR are where we learn what’s been happening outside of our southwest Missouri bubble. If we are awake in the wee hours of the morning, we get to hear BBC news from across the Atlantic Ocean. It makes us feel so metropolitan during that suburban commute.

Best Local YouTube Video

SuperCharge’s Performance of “Are You Gonna Be My Girl?” (EP)
We found out about this kid band via a random mass e-mail, and of course we watched their YouTube video. What we found was pretty delightful: A band called SuperCharge made up of four kids ages 12 and 13 rocking out (and going a darn good job of it) in a garage with a cover of Jet’s “Are You Gonna Be My Girl?”. We especially love vocalist Ben Grosser’s moves with the microphone. His twisty kicks and finger points at the camera are rocker classics—done miniature style. He probably hates us for saying that. But while other kids their age are faking it on Rock Band, these four guys are really making music and definitely looking the part. They’ve played at Art Walk and at MediaCom Ice Rink during First Night. You can watch the video, too. Just visit


People Awards

(All Readers' Picks)

Best Solo Musician (Male):
Art Bentley
Lyal Strickland
Todd Osbern

Best Solo Musician (Female):
Candy Coburn
Cindy Woolf
Lee Ellen Starks

Best Local Band:
Big Smith
The M-Dock Band
Someone Still Loves You
Boris Yeltsin

Best TV News Personality (Male):
Joe Daues, KSPR
Ethan Forhetz, KY3
Steve Grant, KY3

Best TV News Personality (Female):
Lisa Rose, KY3
Joy Robertson, KOLR 10
Maria Neider, KY3

Best Meteorologist:
Brandon Beck, KY3
Ted Keller, KOLR 10
Ron Hearst, KY3

Best Sportscaster:
Ned Reynolds, KY3
Dan Lucy, KOLR 10
Joe Hickman, KY3

Best Where’s 417? Photo Submission:
In a World War II Biplane
(Taylor Fox)
In front of the Giza
Pyramids in Cairo, Egypt
(Jim and Lorna Batten,
Penny and Tony Brewer)
Underwater in Bonaire,
Netherlands Antilles
(Tempa and Craig



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