Best of 417 2010—Services

Hair. Fitness. Fortune-telling. If you need it done in 417-land, someone can do it. These people are the best at whatever "it" might be.

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EP = Editors' Pick   RP = Readers' Pick


Best Hair Salon for Women

ViVo Salon (EP) >>>
Studio 417
W3 Salon

Last year, Vivo Salon—an up-and-coming salon with a team of young stylists—landed in second place for both men’s and women’s haircuts. But this year the salon overtook last year’s winner, Studio 417, to earn the Readers’ Choice Award in those categories. It also edged to the top of the Best Place for a Kid’s Haircut category. Trendy and good for the whole family? Sounds good to us.

Services Winners

(All Readers' Picks)

Best Massage:
Nu Essence Spa
Grove Spa
Club R & R

Best Pedicure:
Nu Essence Spa
Grove Spa
Rainbow Nails

Best Spa:
Grove Spa
Nu Essence Spa
Spa Chateau

Best Hair Salon for Men:
ViVo Salon
Studio 417
Salon Moda

Best Place for a Kid’s Haircut:
ViVo Salon
Spa du Jour
The Cutting Edge
Chain Winner:
Cookie Cutters

Best Health Club:
CoxHealth Fitness Centers
(The Meyer Center, Cox
North, Republic, Willard)
Ozarks Regional YMCA
Ozark Fitness

Best Personal Trainer:
Gary King, One on One Body
Adam Grube, CoxHealth
Fitness Center—Republic
Jack Misiorowski, The Meyer

Best Pet Groomer:
All About Dogs & Cats
All Pet Supplies & Equine
Clippers & Dippers
Pampered Paws

Best Local Website:


Best Spa-On-A-Budget

Gallery Nail & Spa (EP)
Sometimes you want the all-out, fancy-pants, super-pampering spa experience. And sometimes you just want to get a manicure and pedicure without spending an arm and a leg. That’s why we love Gallery Nail & Spa (4155 S. Scenic Ave., Springfield, 417-890-9377). It’s one of those no-frills spots where you can get great spa services for low prices. So if you blew your saved money to pay for a beach vacation, you can still treat yourself to a pretty little manicure. (They’re only $12.)

Best Super-Clean Car Service

Rick’s Automotive (EP)
Okay, garages are greasy. That’s just the way it is. People are digging around under the hood of your car and that’s a pretty dirty task. But at Rick’s Automotive (2121 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield, 417-887-2225), the spots where customers go always seem clean as a whistle. And that’s nice. Because, let’s be honest, sometimes you are just a little bit afraid to bring that Coach purse into the garage, right?

Best Yoga or Pilates Studio

<<< Success Naturally Yoga & Image Center (yoga) (EP)
Dynamic Body (yoga and Pilates)
Studio One Pilates (Pilates)

Success Naturally is the winner again, but there have been some changes since last year. The company has moved to a new spot (3539A S. Lone Pine, Springfield, 417-877-9642), and the studio space is just about the healthiest work-out spot we’ve ever seen. There’s a fantastic air-filtration system (so this place where people sweat smells… quite nice), and no chemicals are used to clean the space. It’s the kind of place where you walk in, chat with super-nice owner Loa Freeman and then really (really, really) want to take up yoga. Right now.

Best Free Thing

Auto Magic Car Wash (EP)
You have to get oil changes. And, simply put, it sucks. If you’re like us, you put it off until it’s almost too late, and then you lament the dollars you’re shelling out and the up-sales you accepted in a moment of weakness. That’s why it’s pretty nice to get a free Auto Magic car wash when you get an oil change at Jiffy Lube. It adds a little sigh of relief at the end of an I-hate-having-to-do-this-all-the-time car maintenance task.

Best Alterations

Alterations Unlimited (EP)
There are a ton of places to get alterations done, but our staff has found Alterations Unlimited to be top-notch when it comes to service. When we need anything repaired or altered, they are super-fast, affordable and friendly. They even remember our names. (1452 E. Sunshine St., Springfield, 417-882-4475)

Best Soothsayer

<<< Shane Knox (EP)
We met Shane Knox, psychic who offers readings and a large variety of other services, at the 417 Magazine Top Singles Mingle. Shane spent a lot of time with each person he spoke to. In fact, there was always a line of people waiting to see him. Maybe you believe in that kind of thing, and maybe you don’t. But there are locals who say he’s the best at what he does, and he sure was fun to have at a party. Learn how to get in touch with him at

Best Speedy Drive-Through Service

Wendy’s on East Sunshine Street (tie) (EP)
McDonald’s on East Battlefield and Highway 65 (tie)

Sure, their proximity to this magazine’s offices (and our occasional need for an extra-fast lunch) probably gives them an edge over other fast food joints. But in our experience, both are super-efficient. Neither has ever gotten an order wrong for us, and they’re lightning fast every single time. We know they’re restaurants, so you might think they belong in the food section, but it’s the service that knocks us out.

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