Best of 417 2010—Shopping

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EP = Editors' Pick   RP = Readers' Pick


Best Window Displays

Staxx (Sharon Taylor) (EP) >>>
We can’t  help it. We have a hard time walking past Staxx (331 South Ave., Springfield, 417-866-2900) and not stopping to peek in. The window displays are always well-done, and Staxx owner Meghan Chambers enlists the expertise of interior decorator Sharon Taylor to put every last precise and gorgeous detail together. These aren’t just clothes thrown on a mannequin and shoved in a window. They are each a little work of art that tells a story.

Best Customer Pampering

Ben Killingsworth @ Town & County (tie) (EP)
Julie Barnes @ Vino 100 (tie)

We couldn’t pick just one spot that pampers its customers, so we picked one for apparel and one for edibles (or drinkables). But regardless of whether you’re buying something to snazz up your wardrobe or something to snazz up your dinner party, you know you’ll be well taken care of if you seek help from one of these two superstar salespeople. These two really know what they’re doing.

Best Cute Thing

Handmade Tutus (EP)
There’s a woman in Norwood named Tina Bruffett, and she makes the most adorable, precious, cutesy-wootsy little tutus we’ve ever seen. They are made by hand with the label Pixie Petal Creations, and are the perfect thing for imaginative little girls. They could be the next new thing for dress-up parties and flower girls. You can check them out online at Moms who like to play along with your kiddos: They even make dress-up tutus for you. True story!

Shopping Awards

(All Readers' Picks)

Best Florist:
Linda’s Flowers
The Nest
Lily’s at Price Cutter

Best Women’s Fashion:
Town & County
Harem & Company

Best Men’s Fashion:
Town & County
Chain Winner:

Best Place to Buy Gifts:
Countryside Cottage
Town & County

Best Place to Buy Art

Good Girl Art (EP)
With a wide variety of items on display from more than 40 contemporary artists (both local or non-local with a Springfield connection), this spot is always a fun browse and a great place for grabbing eclectic gifts. It’s affordable, and the store’s website introduces you to the artists whose work your purchasing. (Good Girl Art, 325 E. Walnut St., Springfield, 417-865-7055)

Best In-Store Displays

Leola’s Antiques (EP)
For a store filled with antiques and vintage gift items, this spot always feels new inside. The well-put-together displays indicate a strong eye for pretty detail (like cute umbrellas hung from the ceiling), and they change frequently. It feels like a new shop every time we walk in. (Leola’s Antiques, 5219 N. 17th St., Ozark, 417-581-1366)

Best More-Than-Shopping Experience

<<< Harem & Company (EP)
There’s shopping—that’s when you’re a customer who buys things. And then there’s shopping at Harem—that’s when you’re a customer who buys things and gets to take advantage of other experiences as well. Harem (4339 S. National Ave., Springfield, 417-881-0602) brings in musicians and guest speakers for in-store events—with refreshments! It makes you feel like you’re really getting something out of the experience, instead of being just a person with a wallet and a body that needs new clothes.

Best Ethnic Market

Seoul Oriental Market (EP)
This new-in-2009 Asian grocery store is a fun place to get lost in a world of labels that you can’t read. The store carries items from a number of Asian countries, and the staff is super-nice and helpful. I brought in a recipe for Korean dak galbi, and they helped me find all the ingredients I needed. You can buy yogurt drinks, frozen potstickers, barley tea, Asian candy, chopsticks, mochi ice cream, a zillion types of instant noodles and lots more. If you have any interest at all in experimenting with cooking with new flavors, give this spot a try. (Seoul Oriental Market, 3165 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield)

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