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Best Personal Trainer

Pamela Hernandez / Thrive Personal Fitness >>>
Jack Misiorowski / The Meyer Center
Gary King / One on One Bodyworks
Adam Grube / Cox Republic

Editors’ Pick: Best Lunch-To-Desk Option

There’s nothing worse than being stuck at your desk while you try to plow through a deadline… and then your stomach starts to rumble. And you didn’t pack a lunch. And you don’t want to take the time to get in the car and pick something up. That’s when sandwiches come to the rescue. Three local sandwich shops will deliver your lunch right to your desk, and there’s no minimum order. That means you can order one measly sandwich for your lonely desktop lunch (sniff), and they’ll still deliver. It’s a great alternative to greasy pizza when you want your lunch brought right to you. Sandwich shops that deliver include Pickleman’s, Mr. Goodcents and Jimmy John’s.

Editors’ Pick: Best Attentive Shoe Salespeople

Sometimes, you just want to be taken care of. Sure, there are stores you enter where you just want to browse on your own, but other times you want attentive service. Based on our experiences, that’s the gold standard at the Dillard’s shoe department.

Editors’ Pick: Best Feat of Architecture that Barely Disrupted Traffic

The new 60/65 interchange
The 417 Magazine offices are near Sunshine and Highway 65, which means the daily commutes of many staffers (and work-related trips around 417-land) often take us through the interchange at Highway 65 and Highway 60. When construction started on the new fly-over ramps, we cringed. We pictured traffic and backups. We pictured frustration. But you know what? That construction barely interrupted the flow of traffic through that very, very busy interchange. Now, the fly-over ramp from northbound 65 to westbound 60 is open, and we think this is a Good Thing. Fewer accidents maybe? Three cheers for construction that worked.

Best Straight Razor Shave

Cooper’s Clippers >>>
1930 S. Glenstone Ave # A, Springfield, 417-881-4152
Who says straight razor shaves are old-fashioned? They aren't. In fact, they are a pretty luxurious indulgence, according to 417 Magazine’s circulation manager Dylan Whitaker (pictured, under the knife). Dylan is a fan of the straight razor shave at Cooper’s Clippers. His assessment: “Getting a hot shave at Cooper's has two benefits. One is it is so relaxing that you almost fall asleep. The other is the great barber shop conversations you get to overhear. They can be quite interesting.”

Editors’ Pick: Best Oil Change Service

Blue Stream Lube & Oil
3325 E. Sunshine St., Springfield, 417-886-0645,
We love any service that takes all the work out of our hands. And the oil change service at Blue Stream does just that. For no additional charge (no charge!) Blue Stream staff will come to you, pick up your car, take it to their facility for the oil change, and then bring it back to you. So when you’re too swamped to waste time in a waiting room while your car is worked on, this is the perfect time-saving service. The 24-point full service oil change (which includes checks for your breaks, fluids, antifreeze, windshield wipers and more) will run you $30–35, but that free pick-up is the icing on the cake.

Editors’ Pick: Best Free Thing

Scalp Massages
Salon Truth Salon & Spa, 900 E. Battlefield, #136, Springfield, 417-823-9755,
Studio 5, 1501 W. State Highway J, Ozark, 417-582-5555
It’s always nice when you go into a business for one thing (a haircut or color, in this case) and wind up getting even more. One of the sweetest perks of a great trip to the salon is the scalp massage you sometimes get. You know the one—it makes you feel so relaxed while you’re getting your hair washed that you don’t want it to end. We’ve been enjoying the scalp massages at two 417-land salons quite a bit lately: Salon Truth in Springfield and Studio 5 Salon & Spa in Ozark.

More Readers' Choice Winner

Best Massage
Grove Spa
Nu Essence Spa
Zen 3 Spa & Bodyworks

Best Pedicure
Nu Essence Spa
Grove Spa
Harmony Nail Studio at Zen 3
Spa & Bodyworks

Best Spa
Grove Spa
Zen 3 Spa & Bodyworks
Nu Essence Spa

Best Hair Salon
Runners Up:
Alchemy A Salon
Ashley Lauren Salon & Spa

Best Hair Stylist
Lori Viles at ViVo
Sadia Luallen at Alchemy A Salon
Larry Hillhouse at Salon Moda
Monica Hopper-Cloyd at ViVo

Best Health Club

CoxHealth Fitness Centers
Ozarks Regional YMCA
Ozark Fitness

Best Yoga or Pilates Studio

Studio One (Pilates)
Sumit Hot Yoga
Success Naturally Yoga Center

Best Pet Groomer
All About Dogs & Cats
The Doggie Spa
Pampered Paws
Chain Winner:

Best Veterinarian

Deerfield Veterinary Hospital / Denise Roche
Parkcrest Veterinary Hospital / Patricia Ziegler
Fanning Family Pet Care / Christopher Fanning


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