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Best Shop in Branson

Dick’s 5 & 10 >>
Apricot Lane
Cardinals Clubhouse

Chain Winner:
Francesca’s Collections
From penny candy to figurines and kitschy home décor,  you can find anything in Dick’s 5 & 10. It’s a true anything-and-everything shop. We even know somebody who found a wedding dress there. Really.

Editors’ Pick: Best Urban Grocery Mecca That Doubles as a Hangout

Bistro Market
401 South Ave., Springfield
We loved the addition of a grocery store to the middle of downtown Springfield. Having a grocery store within walking distance of the renovated loft spaces that are scattered throughout the neighborhood made that part of the city more truly livable. We love the tiny little shopping carts and the local products that are sold in the store alongside all your staples. But what we didn’t expect was how trendy a hangout this spot would become. Maybe it’s the gelato on the bistro side. Maybe it’s the sidewalk tables that provide a great spot for weekend people-watching. Or maybe it’s the late-night breakfast for people’s post-bar hunger. Whatever the cause, this is a spot that’s always packed.

Editors’ Pick: Best Late-Night Infomercial Come to Life

As Seen on TV & More
1219 Branson Landing Blvd., Branson, 417-239-0050
We know you’ve seen the Total Pillow infomercials late at night, when a pillow that can be molded for ultimate comfort in any situation looks pretty... buyable. Usually we only experience wacky infomercial deals during our sleepiest TV-coma moments, but the As Seen On TV & More store at Branson Landing puts it all right in front of you.

Editors’ Pick: Best Reason to Race to Your Inbox Every Morning

417 Magazine Deal of the Day
We don’t mean to toot our own horn here, but even we can’t resist the deals that come through our inbox every day from 417 Magazine Deal of the Day. They are always steep discounts, often for local products and services we really didn’t even know we wanted, and they are available for one day only. One day we might wake up, check our e-mail, and then think, “Why yes, I do need that massage for 50 percent off.” The next day, it’ll be, “Sure! I’d love to get $30 worth of food at this lovely restaurant for just $15.” It’s like a little present, every day. Just visit, and you can get started.

Editors’ Pick: Best Men’s Retail Surprise

Men's Wearhouse
1724 E. Battlefield, Springfield, 417-882-5515
A little tip: This spot has designer jeans, but they cost way less than you’d expect them to. It’s a men’s fashion deals treasure trove.

Best Artsy/Tasty Combo

Red Velvet Art >>>
This store was so cute it hurt even at its old location, but last fall it moved to a new spot on Commercial Street and somehow became even cuter. The spot, owned by crafty gal Elsie Flannigan, still sells handmade products from local artists—everything from clothing and accessories to art for your home. But now it also has a cupcake and bubble tea bar, which brought the sweetness quotient up about 10 notches. Go there to get your hands on one-of-a-kind items made by local creative minds.

Editors’ Pick: Best Boutique Makeover

Harem & Company
4339 S. National Ave., Springfield, 417-881-0602,
Harem & Company has long been a 417-land staple, and it has always offered high-quality, upscale women’s clothing in many designer labels. But this year, the spot went through a major makeover that made us love it even more. It began to offer a line of bath and body products called LemonDrop, and it opened a new store-within-a-store called Company 4333 that features lines for younger women and even a denim bar for displaying the stores’ designer jeans lines. This shop has gotten a facelift in a way, but it’s still the same store with the same quality service.

Editors’ Pick: Best Place for School Spirit (But Not the Dorky Kind)\

Baglady Boutique
1111 E. Republic Rd., Springfield, 417-882-4438,
You probably already know that Baglady Boutique is a great spot for finding cute gifts for your girlfriends. But what you might not know is that the store also carries a variety of shirts for local high schools. If your kid is a student at a Springfield school, and you want to show a little school pride, this is where you want to shop. That’s because the shirts actually look... cute and very wearable. They have a nice fit. They are stylish. They are something you'll enjoy wearing while you cheer on the athlete in your family.

Editors’ Pick: Best Foodie Shopping Spree

Tanger and Factory Merchants
Tanger Outlet Center, 300 Stanley Tanger Blvd., Branson,
Factory Merchants Outlets, 1000 Pat Nash Dr., Branson, 417-335-6686

The outlet malls in Branson are a haven for foodies and kitchen-gear fanatics. At Tanger, peruse Kitchen Collection or Le Gourmet Chef. Factory Merchants has even more: Black & Decker Clearance, Corningware Corelle Revere, FEB Restaurant Equipment & Supplies, Kitchen Collection and Case XX/Chicago Cutlery/Spode/Denby Pottery (that one’s a mouthful). Stock up, chefs and chef wannabes!

More Readers' Choice Winners

Best Florist
Linda’s Flowers
The Nest
Wickman’s Garden VIllage

Best Men’s Fashion

Town & County
Chain winner:

Best Women’s Fashion

Town & County
Harem & Company
Chain Winner:

Best Place to Buy Gifts
Countryside Cottage
Silver Gypsy
Baglady Boutique
Global Fayre

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