Best of 417 2012

Our 13th annual guide to the Best Of everything in 417-land!

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Ashley Lauren Salon & Spa
Nu Essence Spa
Details Salon

Your idea of the perfect treat for your toes? A pedi at Ashley Lauren Salon & Spa. It was voted by readers as the best pedicure in 417-land.

Best Spa
Grove Spa
Zen 3 Spa and Bodyworks
Spa Chateau
Nu Essence Spa
Best Massage
Grove Spa
Zen 3 Spa and Bodyworks
Spa Chateau
Nu Essence Spa

Best Hair Salon
Karma Salon
ViVo Modern Hair Design
W3 Salon
Alchemy–A Salon
Best Stylist
Ryan Boyle / Karma Salon
Lori Viles / ViVo Modern Hair Design
Larry Hillhouse / Salon Moda
Eileen Gabrielson / Ashley Lauren
Salon & Spa

Best Health Club
Cox Health Fitness Centers
Ozarks Regional YMCA
Ozark Fitness
Best Pet Groomer
All About Dogs & Cats
Pampered Paws
Clippers ‘n’ Dippers

Best Veterinarian
Beverly Sherman / Parkcrest
Veterinary Hospital
Denise Roche / Deerfield Veterinary
Rita Wittu / Bradford Park Veterinary

Best Personal Trainer
Jack Misiorowski / The Meyer Center
Noah Alldredge / Big Time Results
Pamela Hernandez / Thrive Personal
Adam Grube / Cox Republic       

Best Savior for a Busy Mom
Grocery Delivery
You know how it goes. You are leaving work, and your mind goes straight to dinner. You need butter. So you swing by the grocery store for a “quick” stop, and it winds up turning into a mad rush through the produce section, a long line at the check-out and a cart full of things you didn’t plan on buying. Sure makes you wish you could have someone else do the legwork for you, huh? We love that Price Cutter offers just that. After you order online at, the store will gather your groceries and either hold them for pick-up (a $5 fee) or deliver them to your home for just $10 (plus the cost of groceries, of course).

Best Use of Hot Wax
A Pedi with Paraffin
On a recent toe-primping trip to Esthetiques, we found ourselves dipping our naked tootsies right into a tub of hot wax. And it was spectacular. After you dip your toes into the silky smooth stuff, they are wrapped in plastic and then enveloped in a soft, warm bootie. It’s like the best bear hug ever, for your feet. And the end result after the pedi is over? Soft feet, of course. It’s divine.

Best Primping Experience for Busy People
Mobile Spray Tanning
We’ve been tanned by The Healthy Bronze, and we’ve been tanned by Backstage Tanning. And we didn’t even have to leave our homes! These companies bring the spray tan to you. They set up a little pop-up booth right in your living room and spray away. And it’s not even messy! We thought our carpets might get tanned along with our legs, but the spritz stays confined to the tent.

Best Workout
Barre Classes at Balance Fitness
The group classes at Balance Fitness are always a serious endeavor. (Have you tried TRX yet? Oh my!) But our favorite is the barre class. It’s designed to tone legs and make them look longer. Using ballet techniques and light weights, this class might sound light. Oh it is not light. It’s tough. It’s strenuous. It’s intense. And it makes you feel like a million bucks.

Too Hotties
We know what you might think when you hear a name like “Too Hotties,” but don’t judge. Some men on staff (and some staffers’ husbands) can attest to the extra-enjoyable primping they get when they go in for their haircuts. This place has a lot going on. One night a week, a haircut package also gets you a bunch of extra perks: An eyebrow wax, a hot towel treatment, a shoe shine. It’s a great opportunity for guys to get a little spruced up for a night on the town. And why not? Who says the ladies should have all the salon fun?

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