Best of 417 2013

Our annual rundown of your very favorite people, places, foods and things about living in 417-land.

DISCLAIMER: The information in this article was fact checked and accurate at press time, but 417 Magazine cannot guarantee its accuracy indefinitely.

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Best Spa
Grove Spa

Esthetiques Skincare Spa &
Nu Essence Spa
Serenity Day Spa
The Clip Joint

Best Hair Salon
Karma Salon

Vivo Modern Hair Design
The Clip Joint
Studio 417
A Valeria Boss Salon

Best Plastic Surgeon
Bharat Shah, MD, FACS

Carl Price, MD
Keith LaFerriere, MD
Carla Garrison, MD
Arthur Hawes, MD

Best Cosmetic Dentist
Kelly Barnett, DDS at Barnett-Davis Dental Group

Gary Buzbee, DDS at Buzbee Dental
Alan Rosen, DDS at Daily Rosen Dentistry
Betsy McQueary, DDS at McQueary Dental
George Graham, DDS at The Smile Architects

Best Caterer
Simply Delicious

The Traveling Chef
Sisters in Thyme
Infused Catering
Jimm’s Steakhouse & Pub

Best Trainer
Jack Misiorowski at The Meyer Center

Rachael Dunville at Aerosha
Pamela Hernandez at Thrive Personal Fitness
Tammy Eaton at Git Fit Headquarters
Shem Johnson at Primal Fitness

Best Workout

Balance Fitness Studio
Big Time Results
Martial Arts USA

Best LandscapingCompany
Wickman’s Garden ​Village

Ryan’s Lawn & Tree
417 Mowing
Spruce It Up

Best Veterinarian
Jaime​ Rudd, DVM at Galloway Vet Clinic

Melissa Smith, DVM at Town & Country Small Animal
Kara Amstutz, DVM at Hometown Veterinary Hospital
Paul Robertson, DVM at Cobblestone Veterinary Hospital
Owen L. Allphin, DVM at Allphin Veterinary Clinic

Best Way to Get Madonna Arms

TRX at Balance Fitness Studio

If you haven’t tried the TRX classes at Balance Fitness Studio (417-368-4421, but you love a super-intense full-body workout, you should give it a shot. The strength and conditioning classes were developed by Navy SEALS and feature suspension training that uses leveraged body weight and gravity to strengthen, tone and lengthen every muscle group in your body. It’s tough, but it’s totally worth it. And you know what else? Madonna takes TRX classes. Yup, that Madonna. The one with the crazy-good arms (and everything else). We know her secret, and you can do it yourself, right in 417-land.


Best Calves


Rickshaw Drivers, presumably

We haven’t actually examined the calves of the men and women who drive the bicycle rickshaws in downtown Springfield. Incomplete reporting? Guilty as charged. We weren’t sure we could work up the guts to ask each and every one of them to lift up their pant legs and give us a look-see. But think about it: They’re pedaling away all night long, all-the-while dragging a cart full of men and women. That cannot be easy. It’s gotta be a workout. Those calves must be rather enviable.


Best Way to Bring the Outside In


Commission a painting by Jane Troup

Jane Troup (417-634-0014, creates fun and quirky paintings that can be spotted a mile away, and perhaps the most exciting are her works that include anything outdoors. The artist combines her vivid imagination with a bold color palette, doing a fabulous job at bringing nature to life on canvas. If you want to brighten up a room, Troup’s work is the perfect way to do it, and you can even have her include your favorite pet in the outdoor scene.


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