Best of 417 2014

Your guide to the best of everything to eat, do, buy and enjoy right here in 417-land!

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Written by Katie Pollock Estes with Ettie Berneking and Savannah Waszczuk
Photos by Kevin O’Riley with additional photos by Jessica Kennon Spencer

Hairstyling and makeup by Karma Salon and Studio 417 Salon
Models’ clothing provided by Red Poppy Boutique and Ashby's Boutique•Denim Lab

We know you’ve been on the edge of your seat since September, when we started taking nominations in the first round of the 2014 Best of 417 Readers’ Choice Awards. In October, we put the top vote-getters up on for a second round of voting, and you narrowed your very favorite food, people, places, services and shops down even further. Since then, we’ve kept our lips sealed and the final winners a secret, but now it’s time to spill the beans.

This issue of 417 Magazine features the best of the best—the Readers’ Choice Award Winners who were chosen by you, and the Editors’ Pick Winners who receive a shout-out from the staff at 417 Magazine. So many of the things we all love about life in 417-land are on the following pages, and we’re ready to share them with you.

Drumroll, please.  The winners are…

Food & Drink | Shopping | Services | People | Places

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