Best of 417 2015

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Frequently Asked Questions


• How does voting work?

We have two rounds of Readers’ Choice Awards voting. We begin with a write-in ballot that asks readers to nominate local people, food, restaurants, shops and more in 88 categories. After the nominations ends, the top five winners in each category go up for multiple-choice voting. The winner and top two runners-up are printed in the magazine.


• I heard you have to be an advertiser to be a Best of 417 winner.

Not so. Although some advertisers are on the list, that’s generally because our readers love them and voted for them. We feature numerous businesses that are not advertisers.


• The things I voted for didn’t win. This contest is rigged!

We promise, reader voting is legitimate. In fact, we take it very seriously! We’ve even set guidelines in place to try and stop potential cheating, so we can keep the process as fair as possible. 


• Do companies pay to be a part of the Editors’ Picks?

Nope. Editorial content is never paid for in 417 Magazine. Editors’ Picks are an annual chance for the 417 Magazine staff to share some of our very favorite local finds with you, and we chose them together in a staff meeting without outside influence.


• I know a great local business that you didn’t include.

We’re sorry, but not everyone can make the cut in a list that showcases the best of the best. But if you think there’s a business out there that we don’t know about, please do tell us about it, so we can put it on our radar. The best way to reach us is to send an email to or visit and click on “About Us” and then “Submit a story idea.” We’re always looking for great local stories and interesting local people!

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