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Ready for a new do? Head to Karma Salon, voted the best hair salon by our readers.

Best Barber Shop

Winner: Hudson Hawk Barber & Shop

Second Place: Walnut Street Barber Shop

Third Place: The Rogue Barber


Best Children’s Photographer

Winner: J. Design Studios

Second Place: Teresa’s PhotoWorks

Third Place: Ikenroth Images


Best CrossFit Gym

Winner: CrossFit RTB

Second Place: CrossFit Springfield

Third Place: CrossFit 417


Best Day Spa

Winner: Grove Spa

Second Place: Acacia Spa

Third Place: Nu Essence Spa


Best Esthetician

Winner: Lindsey Mobley at Grove Spa

Second Place: Mollie Wallace at D’s Wax Factory

Third Place: Tracy Adams at Emerald Salon & Spa 


Best Doggie Daycare

Winner: Pampered Paws

Second Place: Happy Tails

Third Place: Howliday Inn Pet Resort


Best Pet Groomer

Winner: Pampered Paws

Second Place: The Mutt Hutt

Third Place: Doggie Styles Grooming


Best Veterinarian

Winner: Parkcrest Veterinary Hospital

Second Place: Galloway Village Veterinary

Third Place: Bradford Park Veterinary


Jill Kleier from the Ward Downtown YMCA won for Best Personal Trainer.

Best Personal Trainer

Winner: Jill Kleier at Ward Downtown YMCA

Second Place: Jack Misiorowski at The Meyer Center

Third Place: Noah Alldredge at Big Time Results

Best Fitness Instructor

Winner: Jeremy Mhire at CrossFit Springfield

Second: Andrea Banwart at Commit Studio  (Editor’s note: In the time that has passed since Best of 417 voting occurred, Andrea Banwart has closed Commit Studio and is now teaching at CoxHealth Fitness Center in Republic) 

Third: Jamie Kinkeade at The Studio


Best Florist Shop

Winner: Linda’s Flowers

Second Place: The Nest

Third Place: Schaffitzel’s Flowers


Best Hair Salon

Winner: Karma Salon

Second Place: Studio 417 Salon

Third Place: ViVo Salon


Best Interior Designer

Winner: Haden Long of Ellecor Design & Gifts

Second Place: Decorating Den

Third Place: Jacque Pitts of Brashears Furniture


Best Local Hotel 

Winner: Big Cedar Lodge

Second Place: Hotel Vandivort

Third Place: Chateau on the Lake

Best Massage Therapist

Winner: Lindsey Mobley at Grove Spa

Second Place: Leslie Davis at Grove Spa

Third Place: Kate Quinn at Dynamic Body


Best Medical Spa

Winner: CoxHealth Med Spa

Second Place: Mercy Clinic Medical Spa

Third Place: Swann Dermatology & Esthetics


Best Place to Go For Waxing

Winner: Grove Spa

Second Place: D’s Wax Factory

Third Place: Nu Essence Spa


Best Place to Work Out

Winner: The Meyer Center

Second Place: Physique Fitness

Third Place: The Studio


Best Plastic Surgeon

Winner: Dr. Bharat Shah

Second Place: Dr. Carl Price

Third Place: Dr. Carla Garrison


Best Advancement for the Babies Who Need It 

The new NICU at CoxHealth

We’re especially excited about the new state-of-the-art neonatal intensive-care unit (NICU) at CoxHealth (3801 S. National Ave., Springfield; 417-269-6000).  For the babies who need it the very most, this new unit is equipped with 28 beds that get the most ultimate care. And it’s designed for their families, too. There’s a couch that folds out into a twin bed in every natural-light-filled room, making sure parents can be with their newborns around the clock. There are also modular nursing stations between every two rooms to maximize response time, and there’s a parent lounge where Mom and Dad can take a break with free wi-fi and TV. There is also a kitchen and shower facilities, plus hurricane-force-ready windows to keep everyone safe and sound. And when visitors need a bit of fresh air, there’s even a meditation garden attached that’s only available to NICU families. Thanks to CoxHealth for making this super-hard situation as comfortable as possible. 


Best Weird Thing You Should Try Once 

417 Float Spa

What’s it like to travel to outer space? Chances are, most of us reading this will never have any idea. That’s left for astronauts, and Matt Damon in two of his latest movies. But for the rest of us, we can close our eyes and pretend as we drift away into a float tank at 417 Float Spa (204 N. Commercial St., Site 210, Branson,,
. A couple of our staffers recently tried this experience out, and they recapped it to sound very similar to a space experience. After you arrive, you simply pop in ear plugs, take a quick shower and then hop into the tank, where you do nothing but float in the salty water for an entire hour. And the water you’re in is the same temperature as your skin, which means you can’t really feel it. You’re just floating there, breathing and existing, ideally with no worries on your brain or troublesome thoughts in your mind. How’s that for relaxation?


Best Liquor with a Side of Service 


There are many things we love at Macadoodles (various locations in 417-land, There’s a friendly staff who greets you the second you walk through the door. There’s a full line of liquor, mixers, beers and wines, plus a range of gourmet snacks to gorge on as we drink it all! But perhaps the very best thing about this spot is the service. They give you free ice. They’ll take your stuff out to your car. They’ll even pump your gas for you. Who knew all you need to have a great time could come with such service?


Best Time-Saver 

Hy-Vee’s Aisles Online

With multiple cheese aisles, a full bakery, a line of friendly butchers and a produce section the size of a city block, Hy-Vee (1720 W. Battlefield Rd., Springfield, 417-881-1950, is a mecca for those who love to grocery shop. But what about those of us who would love to grocery shop, but simply don’t have the time? Well, Hy-Vee is now helpful to those people, too. You can now get your choice of all the greatness Hy-Vee offers with Aisles Online, an online grocery store and service that lets you shop for your groceries from the comfort of your own house. If you spend $100 or more, they’ll deliver it to your home for free (and it only costs $4.95 if your bill isn’t quite a Mr. Washington). If you want to shop ahead but still pick it up, you can do that, too: the cost is $2.95 if you spend less than $100, or free if you spend more. Ready, click, shop!


The friendly staff at JBC Tire and Service Centers makes car care a bit less painful.

Best Super-Swift and Friendly Service

JBC Tire and Service Centers 

Buying new car tires is never exactly fun. “Oh? I get to spend half a month’s salary on new tires? Awesome!” ...thought no one ever. But the friendly staff at Springfield’s new JBC Tire and Service Centers (3033 E. Sunshine St., Springfield, 417-319-1906, makes the experience as painless as possible. One staffer here purchased new tires there, and then she popped one and drove it to the point of no repair. But they helped her out with a new, better set of tires, all while driving her to and from work and finding her a price that worked with her budget. Another staffer stopped by to get her low tire looked at, and they filled it up with air, free of charge, and told her to have a nice day. No pressure to buy, no suspicious mechanics, nothing. The service at this spot is unlike any we’ve found around here before, and we’re glad they’re just a stone’s throw from our offices.

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