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Editor's Picks: Shopping

Wickman’s Garden Village has a surplus of succulents all year round so you’re never without an Insta shot.


Best Instagram Setting: Wickman’s Garden Village

For those who have been gunning for more followers for their selfies and brunch masterpieces, we’ve got an insider tip: Head to Wickman’s Garden Village (1345 S. Fort Ave., Springfield; 417-862-3707). If you love taking Vandivort bathroom selfies, you’ll love Wickman’s beautiful greenery and soft natural light. The greenhouse has plenty of exotic and natural plants in a rainbow of colors for that perfect photo backdrop. In fact, some local boutiques even use the nursery for photoshoots. The best part? The center has plants all year round, and the greenhouse keeps pretty plants growing even in the deadest winter months, so you can add some green to your feed any time of year.


Best Smelling Store: Grayson Home

Grayson Home (2814 S. Fremont Ave., Springfield; 417-299-0227) is not only the go-to place for distinguished home goods and furnishings, but it’s also the perfect place to visit as soon as that winter cold vanishes and your sinuses clear up because this place smells divine. The store’s scent doesn’t come from candles and incense (although the luxury candle lines offered throughout the store certainly help). Instead, that warm, deep scent comes from the store’s leather goods, wooden walls and wool soft goods. Let’s just say that if they bottled this scent as cologne, we’d be the first ones in line to buy it.


Best Office Dog: Trish from Harem & Company

We have a confession to make: Sometimes we head to Harem & Company (1638 E. Republic Road, Springfield; 417-881-0602) just to see our favorite employee, Trish, even if we don’t have shopping to do. Trish is actually a 12-year-old golden retriever who belongs to Harem’s owner, Kathi Cryderman. Trish was born in Morristown, New Jersey at The Seeing Eye, a center for raising and training seeing-eye dogs. She came to Springfield to work with Sam Gilliam, and after spending nine years as Gilliam’s eyes, she retired and found a home with Cryderman. Trish works faithfully greeting customers at Harem and even accompanies her favorite ones into the dressing room. Trish’s gentle and calm demeanor (Cryderman says she’s never barked once) make her the perfect shop dog, and she loves companionship, so much so that Trish goes to work in the shop even on days when Cryderman is out of town. And working at such a fashionable place has rubbed off on Trish. She can usually be seen rocking a pearl necklace, but her expansive wardrobe includes monogrammed scarves, sweaters, pom-poms and even a blue fox collar sent to her by one of Harem’s furriers.


Best Hot Place to Get Your Groceries: Aldi

Our little corner of the world is home to several great local grocery stores and supermarkets, but the one that seems to be hot, hot, hot in 417-land is national chain Aldi (various locations in Nixa, Springfield, Bolivar, Lebanon, Carthage, Joplin and soon Republic). Springfield’s own Battlefield Road location is always bustling and recently expanded to almost 20,000 square feet. With the expansion the Battlefield store now offers USDA Choice beef, organic produce and gluten-free products. Aldi doesn’t have name brand items, so don’t expect to find your beloved Kraft mac ’n’ cheese on the shelf. This keeps prices low, which is one of the store’s main draws. As its popularity grows, so does the chain. In 2016 it opened a location in Nixa and announced a planned location in Republic, and this year, Aldis nationwide are banning the use of eight more pesticides and are increasing their dedication to organic, hormone-free, fresh and all-natural foods. 


Best Place to Drape Yourself in Velvet: FM Stores Fabrics & More

We’ve been getting craftier and craftier thanks to our Pinterest obsession, and fortunately FM Stores Fabrics & More (2814 S. Fremont Ave., Springfield; 417-882-9244) is there to fulfill all of our dressmaking and upholstering dreams. This store has been serving the soft and fuzzy needs of Springfield since 1952 and is locally owned, so instead of dropping your crafty cash at a big box chain store, stay local—you’ll find even better quality fabric and an even wider selection here, anyway. FM Stores has fabric for every imaginable use, including salvage fabrics, upholstery fabrics and outdoor fabrics. And if you’re not finding the perfect project for you on Pinterest (as if!), head to FM Stores and just browse the aisles because this massive and gorgeous selection is sure to spark some inspiration.


Best Closet Time Machine: Decades Vintage

Forget the hot tub or Marty McFly’s DeLorean, the best time machine is right here in 417-land at Decades Vintage Boutique (213 W. Commercial St., Springfield; 417-300-8756). This vintage shop specializes in fashion for men and women with pieces dating as early as 1920 and as late as the 1970s. And unlike those opera gloves and ball gowns in your parents’ attic, these pieces are free of mothballs and dust because they’re sourced from local estate sales and are only the highest quality finds. The store even has a rack of real furs, all of which are priced under $200. As our favorite time traveling bros Bill and Ted would say, finds like these are totally excellent. 

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