20 Under 30: Binh Uebinger

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Co-owner, Voyager Industries

Born: November 6, 1979

Sometimes all it takes to go from obscurity to celebrity is a little inspiration, a little help and a willing partner. Look no further than Binh Uebinger as a prime example. His inspiration came from local pilot Jeff Stone, who saw a need for a jet detailing company; the financial help came from local developer Rick Williams; and Binh’s partner is Josh Somers, whom he met one day last year at Best Buy. The result: Voyager Industries, Binh and Josh’s private aircraft cleaning and detailing company.

The duo launched Voyager in December of last year (you may recognize them from a regular series in Springfield Business Journal). In only six months time, Voyager has picked up clients like John Q. Hammons and Prime, Inc. The company also recently landed its first clients in St. Louis. But planes are more than a passing fancy for Binh (pronounced “ben”). He’s currently taking flying lessons, and hopes to have his license by next year. By that time, also, he plans to have Voyager entrenched in executive-heavy markets like Fayetteville, Kansas City and Branson, and be running the business from Cedar Creek, an exclusive airstrip near Branson, where he and Somers are under consideration to oversee fixed-base operations (gas, hangars, etc.).

For now, Binh—an avid golfer and Xbox player—washes and details planes himself, and is making a name almost overnight. “Aviation is exotic, sexy, classy, and you can literally go anywhere in the world,” Binh says, pausing mid-sentence to watch a small jet take off from the runway at Springfield-Branson National Airport. “That is so f***ing bad ass,” he says. Yeah. We agree.







What's Your Favorite:

American Psycho

TV Show?
Dog-Fights: Its a series on the History Channel... it uses state of the art computer animation to re-create famous fighter pilot's battles...its wicked cool!!!!

The Darkness... or LeRoy Jenkins and the Mile High Club

Childhood cartoon character?
Michaelangelo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... yeah I know everyone claimed him but, how many of you can really use nunchucks?!

Sports team?
St. Louis Cardinals

Adult beverage?
Crown on the rocks with Champagne poured on top... I call it The Champagne Supernova.

Local bar AND restaurant?
TONIC ULTRALOUNGE!!!... are there any other bars or restaurants?

Airplane model?
For business... Honda-Jet. For pleasure... Cirrus SR-22 Turbo

Fictional pilot?
Jeff Stone... They made Top Gun because of him!




What’s the first website you check every day?
gmail.com and weather.gov

One night, no consequences, whom do you seduce?
Kathleen Michelle DeFord

What’s the best thing about being younger than 30?
I don't feel like a weirdo having a myspace page... or am I a weirdo? LOL...Seriously, its about being under 30 NOW in 21st century. So much has evolved within the past 10 years I feel that I'm at the perfect age to enjoy it. My friends will make fun of me (because I'm Asian) but technology has come so far and I look forward to what the next ten years has in store for us! Hover boots?.... Or Lasers?



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