Class of 2007

Presenting the 20 Under 30 Class of 2007.

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The Smooth(ie) Entrepreneur

Jay Hickman, 28

Owner, Ernie Biggs dueling piano bar, Planet Smoothie, Parlor 88

It’s understandable to, at a certain age, diversify your interests. The catch for Jay Hickman is he’s doing all of his diversifying at once. With the ever-popular Ernie Biggs Dueling Piano Bar, Jay was already one of the most successful nightlife entrepreneurs in Springfield, but in the last year he’s also seen fit to open a Planet Smoothie franchise on Wilhoit Plaza and plans to open not one but two new bars by the middle of August: A second Ernie Biggs at Branson Landing and Parlor 88, a hybrid bar-nightclub he’ll co-own on West Republic Road. Add the fact that Jay’s wife, Kristen, is expecting the couple’s first baby in August and this is not going to be a quiet summer. Jay is an outspoken member of the Hospitality Resource Panel, which helps set citywide bar and restaurant standards, as well as a mastermind for pub crawls. Still, Jay’s not afraid to turn off his phone and hit the river with Kristen or friends. See—growth doesn’t mean you have to totally grow up.

In an honest moment, what would you tell someone about your job? “It’s more of a problem-solving job and a hands-on job than most people think of a bar as being.”
Reality show if you could be on one: Wheel of Fortune. “We watch that show every night.”
When I’m 40 I hope _____________? “I’m successful.”
If you could eat one meal in Springfield, and budget isn’t an obstacle, where would you eat? Flame
You have an iPod and can only download one album. What is it? Bob Seger. “Any album. I just love Bob Seger.”
In an honest moment, what would you tell someone about your job? “”It’s more of a problem-solving job and a hands-on job than most people think of owning a bar being.”
Who would play you in a movie of your life? Jack Nicholson
First website you hit every morning:
Biggest phobia: Heights
One night, no complications, whom do you seduce? “Gotta be my wife.”


Movie: The Godfather
Adult beverage: “Any type of wheat beer. I’ve been on a wheat kick lately.”
TV show: “Besides SportsCenter, it’s got to be The Unit.”
Fast food indulgence: Cold Stone Creamery. “That place is pretty amazing.”
Book: [Laughing] “Right now it’s What to Expect When Expecting.”

Take your pick:

Time machine or omniscience? Time machine
Black tie or comfy sweats? Comfy sweats
John or Paul? John
MySpace or Facebook? MySpace
Deal or No Deal? Deal

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