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Springfield ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery

  • Cosmetic Procedures

Essential Information

Contact NameDr. David Randall
Address 3555 S. Culpepper Circle
Springfield, MO 65804
Website URL www.springfieldent.com

The mission of Springfield Ear, Nose, Throat and Facial Plastic Surgery is to offer excellence in our area of medical specialty while providing the best in customer service to our patients. We seek to maintain the highest standards of practice, incorporating the latest in standard - of - care treatments. It is our goal to always provide the human touch and do our utmost to make our patients' care convenient, personalized, and as pleasant as possible. Please also see our section describing the services that we offer.

We are pleased to introduce Thermage(R) to the Springfield area. This is the first nonsurgical treatment for face and neck skin laxity. It offers benefits of lifting and tightening the face, brow, and neck without need for any recovery time.