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305 S. Market St, Springfield, 417-832-8277,

Local brewery and restaurant, Springfield Brewing Company brought breakfast back to the restaurant for the first time in 15 years. The pancakes and biscuits and gravy recipes come from Brew Co.’s Chef Brandon Moore, who used them on Saturday mornings to keep his kids happy. These kid-tested and father-approved recipes are now being served at Brew Co. for your enjoyment. 

We know one thing: Chef Moore and Brew Co. have set the bar pretty high for all makers of biscuits and gravy. Our first bite was one of those “oh wow!” moments. Brew Co. uses duck fat instead of bacon or sausage grease to create its delicious gravy. By doing this, you end up with super-rich gravy with a silky smooth mouth feel. It’s decadent to say the least. Big jagged chunks of spicy sausage are speckled throughout the gravy that covers every nook and cranny of the pillow-soft biscuits. 

Other breakfast notables are Brew Co.’s Walnut Street Pancakes. The massive pancakes are made with a batter that uses Brew Co.’s Walnut Street Wheat beer and is packed with hunks of sausage and crisp pecan-smoked bacon. They come stacked three-deep and capped with eggs cooked to your preference. These moist pancakes are a perfect combination of sweet and savory. The Brewers Benedict is also a solid choice and a little lighter than the other two. The basted eggs are placed on a bed of capicola ham that sits on an English muffin, and it’s all drizzled with a tangy and buttery house-made hollandaise sauce. 

If you need a little hair of the dog with your breakfast, the bloody mary with a tabasco salt lined rim is just what the doctor ordered.


Brown Egg Café and Coffee House

607 E. Madison, Springfield, 417-865-3223,

(Editor's note: This restaurant has closed since the publication of this article.) Brown Egg Café and Coffee House is a quaint little place located just one block west of the Missouri State campus. It serves breakfast all day long, and the Breakfast Biscuit Bowl has quickly become a fan favorite.

“This is the greatest thing ever,” is what the waitress said when she brought us the dish. It’s prepared in layers in a sizeable bowl. A big buttery, flaky biscuit is situated in the bottom, then doused with scrambled eggs and smothered with rich sausage gravy. The very top is lightly dusted with shredded cheddar cheese. It’s served with a fork and a spoon, but after one bite you’ll abandon the fork and use the spoon to dig deep down to the bottom of the bowl. The best part is the ground sausage crumbled in the gravy. Little hunks of spicy sausage are distributed throughout the peppered gravy, and bite after bite delivers a nice little kick.

Not a B&G fan? Brown Egg also has 10 signature breakfast burritos, three breakfast sandwiches, a handful of vegetarian options and a couple of classic breakfast items like pancakes and quiche. If you are a sweet and savory kind of person, order the pancake sandwich. It comes with sausage, eggs and cheese sandwiched between two piping-hot pancakes and served with butter and syrup. Sounds killer.


Billy Gail’s Café

5291 State Highway 265, Branson, 417-338-8883

It’s safe to say that Billy Gail’s Café is a hidden gem in 417-land. If you blink, you will drive right past the rustic building with almost over-the-top Ozarks charm. The old-timey decorations, kitschy atmosphere and friendly service have made it an endearing spot. Oh and make sure you bring cash. No credit cards here.

A dish worth trekking to Billy Gail’s for is the made-from-scratch Sloppy Biscuit. Billy Gail’s splits open one of its homemade biscuits and puts eggs, cheddar cheese and a sausage patty inside to form a biscuit sandwich. Then the whole thing is smothered in a creamy white gravy and served with a ridiculously large side of crisp hash browns. It’s one of those dishes that turns people’s heads as the waitress brings it out. There are lots of black pepper flakes in the gravy, and man is it good. The biscuit is soft and delicious, and the whole dish is so filling that you might not have room for your crispy hash browns.

Billy Gail’s also serves giant pancakes that literally flop over the edge of the plate. These things are laughably large and one is plenty. The stuffed French toast is also a big seller. Billy Gail’s takes sausage, egg and cheese and sandwiches it between pieces of golden brown grilled Texas toast. Or if you are feeling bold, order the Billy’s Belly Buster Breakfast. The name speaks for itself. You get three eggs; a short stack (two cakes) of the buttermilk pancakes; bacon, sausage patties or ham; hash browns and toast. Wowza! 


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