Best Winter Dishes

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French Onion Soup

$4.595.29 at Jimm’s Steakhouse & Pub, 1935 S. Glenstone Ave., Springfield, 417-886-5466,

The French onion soup at Jimm’s Steakhouse & Pub is delivered to your table in an adorable little soup crock. The rich, beefy broth is loaded with sweet caramelized onions and boasts savory and buttery flavors, and a house-made Holland rusk is placed atop the soup to soak up plenty of the robust broth. It’s all topped with a piece of Provolone cheese, which is melted over the top of the crock, keeping the soup piping hot and providing plenty of stringy, delicious goodness to enjoy. 

How to Eat French Onion Soup

We’ve all been there: You order a bowl of French onion soup, and 10 minutes later you have a string of cheese slapping your chin and a beefy broth stain on your new white shirt. Fully ready to experience struggle and strife, I threw my ego aside and headed to Jimm’s Steakhouse & Pub to take some soup-eating notes so that you all, our dear readers, will be able to tackle the treat as a prim and proper lady or gentleman. 

1. Dive Right In. Shortly after I ordered my bowl of French onion soup, a cutesy little soup crock blanketed in a beautifully broiled slice of provolone arrived in front of me. My first thought (after “I want all that cheese in my mouth. Right now.”) was, “Is there a proper way to tackle this? Where do I break the cheese? Do I need to insert my spoon at the edge?” The answer to it all is no. Just no. It’s a bowl of soup, not brain surgery. Pick a spot and get to work. 

2. Cut the Cheese. Once you first break through that shielding layer of provolone, do a little twisting and twirling to get some of it to the bottom or side of the crock. Once you’re there, move your spoon in a sawing motion to break the cheese in smaller pieces. With bite-sized pieces, there’s no risk of a string slopping its way out of your mouth. If you come across cheese that simply won’t break, twirl it around your spoon as you twirl spaghetti, then proceed. 

3. Enter the Previously Approved Area. I know busting through the cheese shield for the first time is fun. We all know it. That’s why kids play with their food. But after that first burst (step 1), resist additional shield breakage. Simply break off from the edge of the broken cheese shield, saw, twirl and eat (as explained in step 2). While additional attempts at breakage seem enjoyable, they will likely end in splashing broth, wasted soup and a significant feeling of shame.

4. Include the Whole Gang. Teamwork makes the dream work, and that’s exactly how this soup plays its game. For a full flavor profile, you need the perfect bite containing a bit of onion, a bit of bread, a bit of cheese and a bit of broth. Cut the onions just as you cut the cheese.

5. Work With Your Crowd. Of course if you’re at a business lunch, you should approach this soup with the utmost care. In fact, you may not even want to order it. But if you’re enjoying a bowl with your family or gal pals, let loose. Yes, this means you can break off that bubble of cheese that crusted over the edge and eat it. Just like rainbows and newborn babies and the first site of blooming flowers in the springtime, French onion soup is one of the most beautiful things in this game of life. Enjoy it.

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