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With caramel-laced frappes oozing with sugary sweetness and strong shots of creamy espresso, coffee is alive and well in 417-land. Read on to learn about the roasters and coffee shops that are leading Springfield’s caffeinated love affair.

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FLOWER POWER: The Rose Water Latte from Eurasia Coffee and Tea is one of its signature drinks.

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The coffee scene in Springfield is as robust as most of the drip coffees brewed around town, but each cafe serves its own twist to the classic cup of Joe. Some are sleepy getaways where bookworms can hide from the world for a few hours. Others are bustling with activity or hosting coffee education seminars. It might seem like this coffee renaissance popped up overnight, but it’s been percolating for many years thanks to roasters and cafe owners who have dedicated their time to brewing, roasting and serving quality coffee. They’ve carefully selected their beans, invested in equipment and put forward a great product. As new coffee shops continue to put down roots in Springfield, we turned to three roasters and cafes that offer a distinctly different take on Springfield’s coffee obsession to learn why they chose to set up shop in the Queen City.

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