5 Best Tabbouleh Dishes

You’ll see it spelled differently on just about every menu that features it. But no matter how it’s spelled, we just can’t get enough of one of our favorite chilled salads: Tabbouleh.

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1.  That Lebanese Place, 338 E. Commercial St., Springfield, 417-536-6677/
Cost: $6.99 
The Details: This is the type of tabbouleh that we love—the kind that is jam-packed with parsley for a fresh and zippy flavor. Sure, there’s bulgur wheat in there, but it’s sparse. The parsley takes center stage. It’s so herby that every bite is filled with brightness. Also mixed in are tomatoes, onions, lemon juice, olive oil and delicious spices. 

2.  M&M Bistro 407 S. Main St., Joplin, 417-627-9996
Cost: $4.95 lunch; $5.95 dinner
The Details: Like the other tabbouleh dishes on this list, this tasty little salad features bulgur wheat, tomato, onion and parsley. But for added fresh herby flavor, the salad also includes mint. Lettuce is added, too, for a crisp crunch. It’s all tossed in a seasoned vinaigrette. If you order the salad at lunchtime, the dish will run you less than $5.

3.  Price Cutter, Several  locations; pricecutter.com
Cost: $3.99–5.99  
The Details: Price Cutter’s tabbouleh has more bulgur wheat than you will see in other tabbouleh dishes on this list, making it a bit more carb-heavy. But accenting all those grains are a whole lot of bright-and-fresh flavors. Green herbs pepper the dish along with diced fresh tomato and some red onion. You can purchase the salad in to-go containers from the salad section of the produce department. 

4. Farmers Gastropub, 431 S. Jefferson Ave., Springfield, 417-864-6994
Cost: $6 side, $10 full 
The Details: Where most of the time tabbouleh is made with bulgur wheat, the tabbouleh at Farmers Gastropub puts a twist on the dish and uses a different type of grain: quinoa. Quinoa is packed with tons and tons of healthy protein. Plus, it packs a bit of a nutty flavor. So while the herbs and veggies keep it as fresh as any other tabbouleh, the addition of quinoa makes it taste somehow heartier, nuttier and perhaps even healthier. 

5. Vasken’s International Deli, 3200 Gretna Rd., Suite 100, Branson
Cost: $4.49 
The Details: Bulgur wheat is mixed with green onion, tomatoes and bell peppers in this version of tabbouleh, plus plenty of chopped parsley that’s freshened up further with the crunch of romaine lettuce. It’s all tossed with olive oil, tart lemon juice and yummy spices. It’s less than $5 on the appetizer menu and would make a great addition to one of Vasken’s oh-so-delicious gyros. 

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