Quick Critic: Shaun Munday’s Debut Album

After performing with blues, funk, soul and gospel heavyweights, Shaun Munday launched a solo career. His self-titled first album is available now.

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After performing with blues, funk, soul and gospel heavyweights, Shaun Munday launched a solo career. His self-titled first album is available now.

Shaun Munday released his debut self-titled album this spring, and for fans of blues and funk, this is an album worth checking out. Throughout all 10 tracks, Munday’s powerful vocals and enchanting bass guitar work wander in and out of blues, funk, soul and gospel. That mix fits perfectly with Munday’s stage experience. He’s performed alongside Mary Wilson of The Supremes, blues guitarist and singer Robert Cray, Aston Barrett and The Wailers and country music singer Collin Raye. Munday kicked off his solo career in 2016 with several singles while he performed locally almost every week. His debut album, released in March, is his first full-length solo record, and it starts with Munday’s lively guitar work that skips to life for an acoustic sound steeped in blues and funk. Most tracks on this album are pared down so Munday’s soulful voice shines through the guitar work that oscillates between classic electric bass to rapid-fire picking work that’s almost dizzying. In fact, the bass guitar is the only instrument used on Munday’s album, but his strumming sets the mood for each track, whether it’s a heartfelt goodbye or a moment of revelry over a new relationship. Drips of funk run through this album thanks to a mix of backing vocals and quivering guitar. The fifth song on the album, “Stay,” is arguably the best example of Munday’s ability to dip in and out of blues, soul, funk and gospel. Unlike classic funk albums from the ’60s and ’70s, Munday’s newest album sticks firmly in a state of heartbreak and contemplation. The ninth track, “Wade in the Water,” displays the true strength of Munday’s vocals as funk and gospel weave together. Throughout the album, Munday’s vocals slide smoothly from subdued crooning to emotional wails. After years of performing on the sidelines, it’s about time Munday enjoyed time in the spotlight. Learn more about Munday on his website. His self-titled debut album is available on Spotify, iTunes and his website.


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