5 Best Swimming Holes

417-land is rich with opportunities to make a splash in all-natural wonders. This summer, ditch the crowded pools and cool off by taking a dip in one of these five oh-so-cool freshwater swimming holes.

DISCLAIMER: The information in this article was fact checked and accurate at press time, but 417 Magazine cannot guarantee its accuracy indefinitely.

Take a dunk at Lindenlure for a splashing way to soak the day away and beat the summer heat.

1. Lindenlure

Located near the intersection of Highway 125 and State Highway JJ in Rogersville 

Why We Love It: If you’ve ever driven south on Highway 125 during the summertime, you’ve likely noticed brightly colored rafts and lawn chairs at Lindenlure. This public access area off the Finley River fills up with sunbathers and swimmers on hot summer days. Pack your lunch, then enjoy it on a midday break at the nearby gravel bar. 

Don’t Miss This: Snap a picture of yourself with the dam in the background. Rushing water has a way of making everyone look fabulous. 


2. Patrick Bridge

From Caulfield, take Highway 160 west approximately 3.5 miles, then take Route H north 4 miles to the access

Why We Love It: Although Patrick Bridge is a popular starting spot for float trips on the North Fork of the White River, it’s an equally attractive spot to take a dip thanks to Althea Spring. The most notable spring on the North Fork promises crisp, cold blue water surrounded by gorgeous forest. 

Don’t Miss This: This spot is the downstream end of a Blue Ribbon Trout Area known for its trout population—bring a rod and catch your dinner! 


3. Pecker’s Beach

Take Hwy 65 to Battlefield, go east to Farm Road 164. Access is north on Farm Road 193

Why We Love It: Officially known as Joe Crighton Access, Pecker’s Beach is a popular east Springfield swimming hole on the James River. It’s the perfect spot to go to enjoy cooling off without spending half of the day in the car to get there.

Don’t Miss This: Did you know you can put your canoes in here, too? Take a dip, then hop in your boat and head downstream for the day.


4. Riverton River Access

Just off US Highway 160 approximately 13 miles east of Alton, Missouri

Why We Love It: The Riverton River Access is a beautiful spot on Missouri’s Eleven Point River. Swimmers can enjoy taking a dip with the area’s picturesque bridge in the background. It’s popular for wading, swimming and picnics, with four designated spots with tables and grills. 

Don’t Miss This: Don’t forget your towels—there’s a sandy area here, perfect for sprawling out.


5. Cherry Corner Access 

East of Joplin, from Diamond, take Highway 59 south 3.5 miles, then Greenbriar Drive east and Otter Drive south to Shoal Creek

Why We Love It: Although some swimmers at Cherry Corner Access choose to tip-toe their way into Shoal Creek, others love taking advantage of the several spots here to jump in. Regardless of how you get in, you’ll love swimming at this hotspot near Joplin.

Don’t Miss This: There’s a rope swing. Forget your fears, then fly on over and make a splash.

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