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Read this extended interview with jingle-writer Nick Sibley to see what we couldn't fit in print.

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You know Nick Sibley’s face because you’ve seen it on stage at McSalty’s pizza, playing with Ruell Chappell and Ned Wilkinson before the band took a hiatus in November. You know of Nick Sibley’s work, too. You’ve heard it in the Ozarks Fox and 417 Magazine jingles. Through Nick Sibley Music, he’s been making commercials that the people in 417-land can recognize for about 30 years. Sibley grew up in El Dorado Springs and found his way to Springfield in 1971 to attend then–Southwest Missouri State and Drury University. Today he’s married to Tina Sibley, and he has a 3-year-old son named Captain and three adult daughters: Liberty, Suzannah and Kelsey. And what’s new in the life of Nick Sibley? Well, this past winter he self-published an illustrated songbook called Me Is Mine, You is Yours, which comes with a CD and 35 pages of illustrations made by Sibley. He’s selling the book at Heritage Bookstore (3867 S. Campbell Ave., 417-882-1141). We know Sibley likes music, and now he tells us what all the rest of his favorite things are.

What’s your favorite…

… jingle you’ve ever worked on?

“What’s my favorite jingle I’ve ever done? I don’t know. I’d have to say it was Mazzio’s Pizza. I got paid the most for it.” (laughs)

… Springfield restaurant and dish there?

“Man! I didn’t know this would be this hard. I thought you’d ask me my favorite color. I can’t think of anything I like better than Gailey’s," where he orders The Downtowner breakfast special.

… movie?

“I don’t own many movies… I like Napoleon Dynamite. It’s not shot in L.A. or New York. I get tired of L.A. and New York and lots of explosions.”

… band?

The Rolling Stones. “They defined a lot of sounds that have stood through time. And they wouldn’t have gotten to first base on American Idol.”

… season in 417-land?

Fall. "I like the smells, the colors. I miss the smell of burning leaves since the government outlawed that.”

… activity during that season?

“Smoking a cigar and playing my guitar on my porch.”

… book?

Me is Mine, You is Yours” (laughs) “No, my favorite book I ever read was Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid by Douglas Hofstadter. It’s about the limits of our knowledge. It’s a book about reflection. Like how M.C. Escher and Bach used their art to show the limitations of their art.”

… childhood book?

“I didn’t start reading books until I got out of college. I got all the way through school without really doing anything. Then I got into it after school. I majored in marketing. I asked them what the easiest major was, and they said marketing. I always wanted to play music, but I didn’t think I’d do it for a living… I learned more about business sitting at my dad’s dinner table than I did at school. In college they just teach you how to be a teacher.”

… kind of shoes?

“Velcro jogging shoes because I can get through airports fast and take them on and off.”

… way to start the day?

“Eating breakfast with my little boy at Gailey’s. We do that a lot.”

… way to spend a Friday night?

“Playing at McSalty’s [in a band with Ned Wilkinson and Ruell Chappell]. We haven’t done it for a few months now.” The McSalty’s institution took a break from performing their weekly shows starting last fall.

… sports team?

The El Dorado Springs Bulldogs. “I think [high school] is where sports outta quit. I think it has become a religion. When I hear grown men yelling about it on the radio, I think, ‘Man, this is stupid’… It’s a waste of life and energy.” Nick says that when he watches baseball games, he roots for the batter no matter who’s playing. With football, he roots for the offense.

… way to exercise?

“Doing something constructive like raking leaves. I don’t understand why you’d join a health club and then hire someone to do your raking.”

… kind of car?

“Can I do favorite guitar instead? I don’t really care about cars.” Of his 30-ish guitars, he prefers the Fender Telecaster. “It’s the most versatile. The most indestructible.”

… instrument to play?

“The ukulele because that was the first thing I played when I was a kid. And everyone knows who the great guitar players are, but no one can name a great ukulele player, so it’s more liberating.”

… fast food?

“Steakburger with cheese, onions and pickle relish at Steak n Shake.”

… hobby?

Real estate. “I’ve got a bunch of buildings and houses that I fix up and rent. I’ve been doing it for 20 years.”

… thing in your office?

“Let me look around.” [pauses] “My favorite thing in my office would be my pictures of my kids and my Robert Smith pictures.”

… thing in your house?

“It’d be my house itself. It’s my dream house. I found it when I was in college, and I drove by it for 30 years before it went on the market. I just wanted to go in and see what it’s like. I bought it in 2000.”

… celebrity crush?

“Leanne Gregg,” a longtime KY3 anchor in the ’80s and early ’90s.

… gift you’ve ever received?

“My Mosrite guitar. I got it when I was 12 for Christmas.”

… kind of pet?

“I hate all pets. In the rental business, you learn to hate all pets. Everyone comes in and says their pets don’t do the bad stuff, but they all do the bad stuff. I don’t have any pets at home, but a bat got in a few months ago. It was the best pet I ever had. It didn’t do anything bad. It just flew around and didn’t bother anyone. I eventually caught him and let him go.”

… Springfield neighborhood?

Country Club, where he lives. In reference to the January 12–14 ice storms that took down trees all over his neighborhood: “It’s a bunch of old houses. I have three acres there, and right now it looks like a war zone.” Edit Module
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