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Zac Rantz

In 2004, Zac Rantz worked at Express in the Battlefield Mall. “I worked there as manager from 2004 to 2006, which is when I really learned how to dress correctly,” says the 30-year-old. This skill often comes into play with Rantz, who says he’s the fashionable one in his group of friends. “I’m sometimes asked to go out and shop with them,” Rantz says. “And it comes in handy when you have a girlfriend to buy stuff for.” When he’s working as the communication coordinator for Nixa schools, Rantz usually wears dress pants with a nice button up shirt, sweater vest or vest. “The third piece is usually the most important part of an outfit,” he says. When he’s singing at a concert with his Christian rock band, Human Anyway, Rantz often wears a unique pair of jeans, a tee shirt, some necklaces and a few other accessories. “I’ll throw in a vest or something else sometimes—it all depends on the show and where we’re playing,” Rantz says.



…can define his style in three words:
“Urban, modern and tailored.”

…says no to Crocs.
Crocs are the one thing Rantz says he’d never be caught dead wearing.

…thinks ill-fitting clothing is the biggest fashion faux pas.
“It’s amazing how finding clothes that fit correctly can change how a person looks, and it doesn’t have to cost any extra; it’s just about changing the choices you make.”

…easily defines his favorite store.
“I think I own most of the men’s section at Express.”

…would like to see another store in Springfield.
He says he wishes there was a Guess store in 417-land.

…loves vests.
He says his favorite piece in his closet is the vest or the sweater vest.

…tried a little too hard on a first date.
He describes his most embarrassing outfit ever as an outfit he wore the first time he went out with a girl he really liked. “I tried to mix patterns, and, while I am normally really good at it, this night it just didn’t work. She was a good sport about it, and we just laughed about it.”

…can express himself through a store of the same name.
If he could only wear one brand for the rest of his life, he would choose Express. “The store fits my personality and I know how their stuff fits, so it doesn’t take me long to shop.”

…is a smart shopper.
The most expensive item Zac owns is a suit. “It was normally $1,000, but I found it on a sale and had a coupon, so I think I paid less than $500 for it. Looking good doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.”

…likes to find bargains.
“One of my favorite pairs of jeans from Guess was on sale and then they had an additional percent off, so they started off being $150 and I think I paid around $20 for them.”

…can easily name two best-dressed celebrities.
“Ryan Reynolds and Carrie Underwood.”

…is out the door in half an hour.
It takes Rantz thirty minutes to get ready in the morning.

…has one favorite outfit that sticks out in his mind…
“it was what I wore for my band’s CD release party. It was one of those outfits that just clicked and felt right for the night.”

…looks to a few celebrities for fashion advice.
“I usually like what Jake Gyllenhaal, Cam Gigandet or Ryan Reynolds have on.”

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