Best Dressed 2011

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Annie Wilson

Annie Wilson was literally born into fashion. “My mom is a fashion professor at Missouri State,” Wilson says about her mother, Dr. Michele Granger. “When I was three months old, I was under the table in my car seat at a fashion meeting in New York City, meeting with designers and buyers,” Wilson says. “Growing up, she took me to Paris every summer with students. By the time I was 10, I’d lead the students around, and we’d shop every single day.” Today, 23-year-old Wilson is a Missouri State University student herself, majoring in international business. Locally, Wilson likes shopping at Apple Empire Couture, which is a new downtown boutique, and she likes going to Harem & Company for special-occasion pieces. And speaking of special occasions, Annie has a whole separate closet devoted to them. “We call it the special occasions department,” she says. “It’s where I keep my old prom dresses, cocktail dresses, stuff like that.” From her many brightly colored dresses to a pair of ruby red sparkly slippers, Wilson loves all pieces that make a statement and tries to incorporate one in every outfit.



…is still embarrassed about the outfits she wore in sixth grade.
“I accented all of my outfits with hair scrunchies in all colors and combinations available. My nickname during this period of self-expression was Cher.”

…will never rock the stocks.
Wilson says she’d never be caught dead in a pair of Birkenstocks.

…got a great deal on the most expensive items she has ever bought.
“[Last summer] I bought a set of Dolce & Gabbana sculptured pencil dresses. I have a white one and a black one. I purchased these at a designer outlet mall just outside of Paris. They were originally more than 500 euros each, and I got them for just more than 100 euros each. Quite the find.”

…has two favorite 417-land stores.
“I love Apple Empire Couture for everyday shopping. They have amazing clothes at great prices. I also like to shop at Harem & Company for a special occasion.”

…longs for a local H&M.
“I would love to have an H&M. That is my favorite store to shop at when I go overseas.”

…is defined by a hot pink leopard sweater dress.
She says her Betsey Johnson Hot pink leopard sweater dress defines her. “It is so sassy and fun.”

…will forever love Forever 21.
“The prices are very inexpensive and the selection is never-ending. You can dress for all occasions and re-do your wardrobe every week.”

…is anything but a celebrity stalker.
“I do not pay much attention to celebrity fashion, but I do love Natalie Portman.”

…can describe her style in three words.
“comfortable, diverse, quirky.”

…can take up to two hours to get ready.
“My normal school day routine is about 15 minutes... However, for an evening out or a daytime event, it can take me up to two hours to beautify myself.”

…wore her favorite outfit ever in a fashion show.
“It was a lime green leather string bikini top and fun, bright gauchos with a leather waistband. It was an original student design.”

…has past and present fashion role models.
“From the past, I really love the moods and fashions put together by Marie Antoinette. From the present, whenever I need advice or help or just a fun fashion time, I always look for my mom, Dr. Michele Granger, a.k.a. Dr. Fashion.”

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