Best Dressed 2011

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Becky Cameron

Becky Cameron can describe her style in two words: innovative and elegant. “I’ve never bought one whole outfit in one store,” Cameron says. “I’m a piece buyer.” Cameron puts together outfits of her many mix-and-match pieces on a daily basis, which is where her fashion innovation shines. And she’s a fan of beautiful imported fabrics. That’s where the elegant part comes through. Cameron was first introduced to fashion by her grandmother, who was raised in the garment district in Chicago. “She always had a hat and gloves on, even if she was just going to the grocery store,” Cameron says. “She was the one who told me, ‘Don’t wear it because it’s in style, wear it because it’s your style.’” Cameron’s grandmother was also the one who always assured her outfit was chosen the night before a big event, which may be why she’s so organized now. “My closet is color-coded,” she says. “And my shoes are the same way.” Within this mass organization, Cameron has one favorite set of accessories: her purses. She changes them with every outfit. “Sometimes I change purses more than once a day,” she says.



…doesn’t want to be a twin.
To describe her most embarrassing outfit ever, she says, “I wore my new bathing suit to the pool, and one of my friends was wearing the same one!”

…knows that clothing can be a worthwhile investment.
“I have an Armani jacket that I purchased in Palm Beach… I paid more than I wanted, but I will have it forever!” her own favorite designer.
She says she often buys a piece, then changes its look by adding beading, or changing out its sleeves, or doing something else drastic.  “I really love to change things up,” she says.

…wishes there was a Nordstrom in 417-land.
If she could pick any store to have in Springfield, Nordstrom would be the one.

…has one jacket she likes more than anything else in her closet.
“My Armani jacket is one of my favorite pieces!”

…can name a few fashion faux pas.
“Wearing a style that doesn’t fit your body type, or wearing something that is not age-appropriate.”

…would be okay with wearing only Chanel and Armani forever.
“They are consistently current and classy and never over-the-top.”

…saved major bucks when she bought:
“A pair of Roberto Cavalli boots…I could tell you how much but you wouldn’t believe me! I found them while shopping in Scottsdale.”

…is a Joan Rivers fan.
“She is always in style and age appropriate and classy.”

…hates unnecessary hair.
She says one thing she’d never be caught dead wearing is a mustache.

…is out the door in 60 minutes.
She says it takes her an hour to get ready in the morning.

…can’t describe her most favorite outfit.
“It changes each season.”

…has fashion in her blood.
“My grandmother was my first and most influential role model! She grew up in the Garment District in Chicago. She always wore hats and gloves and the most exquisitely tailored clothing.”

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