Best Dressed 2011

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Mark Yost

Mark Yost first became interested in fashion during his college years, when he worked at Town & County. “It was still in the mall back then,” Yost says. Today, his job in pharmaceutical sales keeps him dressing his best. “I always have a tie and slacks on,” Yost says. On the weekends, Yost is able to leave his button-up shirts in the closet, and he reaches for something a little more comfortable. “If I’m going out, I usually put on a pair of corduroys and a sweater,” Yost says. Of all the pieces in his closet, he says he probably has more sweater vests than anything else. “I wear a lot of them in the winter time,” Yost says. During the summer months, Yost is most often found in golf shirts, shorts and sandals. And although you won’t see him out shopping every weekend, Yost says he does occasionally add to his wardrobe. “Maybe a couple times a year I’ll go out and buy a few new pairs of slacks,” he says. 



…knows what not to wear.
He says wearing a short sleeve dress shirt with a tie is the biggest fashion faux-pas.

…has a horrific high school fashion memory.
He calls the leisure suit he wore for his high school commencement his most embarrassing outfit ever.

…can still wear pants from 19 years ago.
 To describe the most expensive item he ever purchased, he says, “I bought a pair of Zanella slacks in Black Hawk, California in 1992 for $320. I can still wear them.”

…used to work at his favorite store.
Mark worked at Town & County during college, and now it’s favorite local store to shop at.

…wishes we had one more department store in Springfield.
Yost says he wishes there was a Nordstrom in Springfield.

…loves to wear camel.
His favorite thing in is closet is a black camel hair sport coat.

…is zany for Zanella.
If he could only wear one brand the rest of his life, he’d choose Zanella for its style, fit and quality.

…loves to find bargains.
He says the best bargain he’s ever found was an Ike Behar tie at TJ Maxx for $9.

…idols a deceased celebrity’s wardrobe.
He says Cary Grant was the best-dressed celebrity.

…compares his style to a former TV show character.
He says three words to describe his style are casual, traditional and Mister Rogers.

…knows his fashion dos and don’ts.
He says you’d never find him wearing white shoes after Labor Day.

…can get ready in the dark.
It takes Yost 30 minutes to get ready in the dark, and one hour to get ready with the lights on.

…loves the classic look.
He says his favorite thing he’s ever worn is a classic navy suit.

…has a local fashion role model.
He says Bob Lowe is his fashion idol.

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