Best Dressed 2011

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Steve Grant

Most people know Steve Grant from his career as an anchor on KY3. If you watch the news, you know Grant always looks dapper in a suit. But what you may not know is that those ties he wears in front of the camera come from a massive collection of more than 250. “I try to choose ties with a lot of pop,” Grant says. And people notice. “I get just as many questions about who cuts my hair and where I get my ties as I do about the news,” Grant says. His relationship with ties dates back much farther than his start at KY3 News after his 20th birthday. “When I was enrolling for sixth grade, I wore a tie to school,” Grant says. And it only grew from there. In eighth grade, his English teacher’s husband was a professor at then-SMS, and he wore ascots instead of ties. “I thought that was the coolest thing,” Grant says. When he wants to add to his ever-growing tie collection, he heads to Town & County. “They’re so good in there,” Grant says. “If I walk in with a new tie on, they can tell me the brand.”



…doesn’t like bling.
He says he’d never be caught dead in a gold chain.

…is still embarrassed about an outfit he wore during college.
He describes his most embarrassing outfit ever as a blue/gray polyester plaid suit with a red dress shirt and a white necktie.

…is nuts about Canali.
“The company only makes so much of everything in their line, making it distinctive as well as dressy.”

…frequents a couple of 417-land stores.
“Town & County and Dillard’s.”

…wishes he could find a couple of his favorite shops in Springfield.
Grant would like to see Springfield have a Khaki’s Men’s Clothier of Carmel store, or a Jack Henry Clothing store, which is in Kansas City.

…has a massive collection of his favorite clothing article.
He has a collection of more than 250 neckties (regularly updated and culled).

…doesn’t try to impress with price. 
He says that buying something just because it’s expensive is a huge fashion faux pas.

…will dish out big bucks to look good.
“I’ve paid $250 or more for neckties and $1,100 for an ‘on-sale’ suit.”

…can still remember the best bargain he ever found.
“Designer dress shirts (Zegna, Canali, Armani, Behar) at Khaki’s and Saks “Off 5th” outlets for $50, regularly $250-350.”

…can see his favorite-dressed celebrity on late-night TV.
He likes the way David Letterman dresses. “Must be the ties,” he says.

…sums up his style with three words:
Liberally, progressive, conservative.

…gets ready with speed.
He can be ready for the day in 20 minutes (he says 20 years of morning-show anchoring did it).

…is in search of another of what he calls his favorite outfit ever.
“A midnight blue Hickey-Freeman pinstripe suit that worked with everything.”

…finds fashion inspiration from the Brits.
His fashion role models are most British movie actors (dressed up).

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