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These individuals each have their own personal, unique style.

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You can’t buy good taste.

Sure, anyone can walk into their favorite department store and tell the sales associate that they need a size 8 of the dress, the jacket and the boots worn by the mannequin in the window. But when it comes to mixing and matching those pieces with other clothes and accessories in their wardrobes, many people fail. But not the six individuals named as our 2012 Best Dressed.

Last December, we asked 417 Magazine readers to nominate the most fashionable men and women they know for our third-annual Best Dressed feature. We had more than 50 entries, and we sorted through each and every one to determine the six men and women who stood apart from the rest.

These individuals each have their own personal, unique style. They have endless amounts of shoes, or countless cardigans, or über-impressive designer tie collections that bring personality to each and every outfit they wear. But it doesn’t stop there. One of the women has knit some of her own clothes, and one of the guys even founded his own clothing website. And we can’t forget the gal who isn’t afraid to trade her high-fashion heels for Dr. Martens and wear them with her cocktail dress. You might find one of our Best Dressed in the latest piece by Marc Jacobs one day, and the next she could be sporting a collection of well-put-together thrift store threads. But no matter what and no matter when, they’re always dressed to impress. We are proud to introduce to you, dear readers, this year’s Best Dressed.

What’s your favorite outfit or article of clothing that you’ve ever worn?
My favorite article of clothing is my wool suit. I’m a fan of fall and winter attire.

Where do you find fashion inspiration?
My grandfather is my fashion inspiration. From an early age, I remember him always looking tailored and professional. I keep that with me to this day.

Finish this sentence: “I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing…”
A clip-on tie. I like the art of tying a tie, and that just seems like an easy way out to me.

What’s the most you’ve ever spent on a must-have piece of clothing? What was it, and where did you get it?
A watch I bought from the Burberry store in Kansas City. It wasn’t that the watch was so expensive, it was the fact that I had to buy a Burberry purse for my wife, too.

Is there a type of clothing or accessory you collect?
I have a tie collection. You can never have too many ties. Currently, I have 65 ties I like to wear.

If you could only wear one brand/designer for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
I would have to say Burberry. It’s classic and traditional, and they offer a variety of suits and shirts.

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