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These individuals each have their own personal, unique style.

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Who is your fashion role model?
Well, I feel like I was genetically predisposed to express myself via fashion—I have some pretty spectacular familial fashion role models (Hi Mom!) After that, Cate Blanchett is… is… beyond words. No one else does what she does, and anyone else would look ridiculous trying. She exhibits a futuristic elegance. ChloÑ‘ Sevigny is an understated risk-taker, if there can be such a thing. And my wild card would be Helena Bonham Carter, just because she does whatever she wants (critics be darned!) and she has such a strong (if not strange) point of view. I also can’t deny that I felt a little validated in my Helena love when Marc Jacobs used her for his 2011 fall/winter campaign. The common thread between these women is that they wear their clothes with confidence, which is, ultimately, the ideal accessory. And perhaps I’m beating a dead horse here, but I feel it’s important to distinguish that the confidence does not come from wearing great clothing but, rather, from being great women who are comfortable in their own skin. The clothes are just the proverbial cherry on top.

What single item in your closet defines your style?
Hmmm. I guess I’m going to have to go with my Dr. Martens. I wear them with anything and everything, but usually only after I’ve completely exhausted my relentlessly abused feet by teetering around in the most ridiculously uncomfortable high heels for a few days in a row. The occasional result is a cocktail dress with my well-worn Docs. C’est la vie.

What do you think is the worst fashion faux-pas?
I am loath to claim there are any hard and fast fashion no-nos: To each their own. For example—white in winter? Why not! Brown and black (and navy)? Bring it! Docs and evening attire? Do it! If you’re expressing yourself and feel good in your own skin, the clothes that are covering said skin will read true. That being said, I have a personal aversion to flip-flops, so, you know, there’s that.

What’s your favorite outfit that you’ve ever worn?
This is an impossible question. I probably have a “best-outfit-ever” moment a couple times a week. I guess I’m easy to please. So, I’m going to have to go way back and say that my favorite articles of clothing that I’ve ever worn, that I’ve ever felt the most glamorous in, were my mom’s old high school formals. I wore them when I was a little girl while playing dress-up at my grandma and grandpa’s house. The dress my mom wore as a homecoming attendant was my favorite. It had a navy blue velvet bodice with a powder blue chiffon floor-length gown. Oh, and Grandma still had the shoes: Powder blue and raw silk with a square-toe and block heel (and stuffed with Kleenex to achieve the perfect fit on my 7-year-old feet).  

What three words define your style?
Sure, okay, why not?

What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever worn?
Nothing. Ever. I look back, and yes, I have made, um, “questionable” fashion choices. (Shoot, I may have made a few last week.) But I don’t look back and feel embarrassed. I have a fond feeling of nostalgia for my missteps.

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