Best Places To Work 2007

We tallied the scores for 55 different 417-land companies and found 12 that earned points heads and tails above the rest. They are the Best Places to Work in 417-land, and what they have to offer might surprise you.

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A good company is one that has happy employees who want to stick around and do their jobs well. But how does a company get to that point? There’s certainly more to it than just having a stellar benefits package (although that’s vital). Fifty-five companies answered more than 175 questions on our Best Places to Work in 417-land survey. It quickly became clear that the very best companies excel in work-life balance, time off and work-from-home options, benefits, social activities in and out of work, employee development and so much more. The result of that research is our first-ever list of the 12 Best Places to Work in 417-land. Making the list was no small task for them, and each one held a few surprises that were truly delightful.

We didn’t pick these winners; they picked themselves by scoring highest on our Best Places to Work survey. Our editors studied surveys put together by similar regional magazines before we came up with questions for the Best Places to Work in 417-land survey. It was important for us that the survey be well-rounded, taking into account everything from the typical benefits packages to more unusual perks. We provided essay space for companies to toot their own horns.

Beginning November 20, any company could fill out the survey here at, and we accepted submissions until mid-January. (The January 15 deadline was extended after the ice storm.) Each survey was carefully graded three times by 417 Magazine’s office manager and editors to make sure the final scores were accurate. We used a standard score sheet to determine how many points each business earned. Once all submissions had been graded, we noted the top three scores in each of four size categories. Those 12 top scorers are our Best Places to Work in 417-land for 2007.

You can click the chart download a PDF with selected information about the winners, or click any of the category or company names below to read about the winners. Or you can always just click through, one page at a time, using the numbered buttons at the bottom of the page. And don't forget to give us feedback about the winners, or the businesses that you think should be on the list next year.

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25 or fewer Employees
First place2balance
Second placeAmerican Red Cross Greater Ozarks Chapter
Third placeGirl Scout Council of the Ozarks
Honorable MentionAmberg Entertainment,
Bryan Properties

26 to 100 Employees
First placeBurton Creek Management Corporation
Second placeOMS
Third placeIHS
Honorable MentionCentral States Industrial Equipment,
Springfield Neurological Institute

101 to 250 employees
First placeEmpire Bank
Second placeMcKesson Corporation
Third placeDuck Creek Technologies
Honorable MentionSpringfield-Greene County Library District,
Best Buy

More than 250 employees
First placeT-Mobile
Second placeNixa R-II School District
Third placeSilver Dollar City Attractions
Honorable MentionSt. John's Health System,
Southwest Baptist University

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