Top Doctors 2013

An exhaustive listing of the very best physicians in southwest Missouri, as chosen by their peers.

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Be Your Own Medical Scribe | Find Your Hospital | Gray's Anatomy

Don’t let medical jargon leave you scratching your head. This list of common illnesses, health conditions and acronyms can help you decipher some of that gobbledygook you hear at your doctor’s office. 

Dictionary Says: characterized by sharpness or severity or having a sudden onset, sharp rise or short course
In Layman’s Terms: rapid onset, severe in effect

Dictionary Says: condition where the body doesn’t have enough healthy red blood cells which then deprives the body of oxygen
In Layman’s Terms: you lack iron

Dictionary Says: surgical removal of the vermiform appendix
In Layman’s Terms: short for appendectomy, where surgeons remove the appendix

Dictionary Says: of a mild type or character that does not threaten life or health
In Layman’s Terms: It’s not cancer. Phew!

Dictionary Says: Basic metabolic panel
In Layman’s Terms: this test checks sodium, potassium, CO2, chloride, calcium, glucose levels and kidney function

Dictionary Says: abnormally slow heartbeat
In Layman’s Terms: hmm, that’s actually pretty understandable

Dictionary Says: a malignant tumor of epithelial origin
In Layman’s Terms: a term used for the most common type of cancer, where the cancer forms on the inner or outer surfaces of the skin 

Dictionary Says: complete blood count
In Layman’s Terms: a test that measures the number of red and white blood cells, the amount of hemoglobin and the fraction of the blood composed of red blood cells, a.k.a the hematocrit

Dictionary Says: a disorder of vision in which two images of a single object are seen.
In Layman’s Terms: double vision

Dictionary Says: a mood disorder characterized by chronic mildly depressed or irritable mood
In Layman’s Terms: chronic depression

Dictionary Says: the sudden obstruction of a blood vessel
In Layman’s Terms: something is blocking your blood flow, not good

Dictionary Says: nosebleed
In Layman’s Terms: nosebleed

Dictionary Says: a mass of usually clotted blood that forms in a tissue, organ or body space as a result of a broken blood vessel.
In Layman’s Terms: a collection of blood outside the blood vessels; a non-serious example is a bruise  

Dictionary Says: expectoration of blood from some part of the respiratory tract
In Layman’s Terms: coughing up blood

Dictionary Says: abnormally high blood pressure and especially arterial blood pressure
In Layman’s Terms: high blood pressure

Dictionary Says: Low-density lipoprotein
In Layman’s Terms: a.k.a. bad cholesterol, the less you have in your blood, the lower your risk for heart attack or stroke, an optimal LDL reading is less than 100 mg/dl

Dictionary Says: arising spontaneously or from an obscure or unknown cause
In Layman’s Terms: term doctors use when they can’t explain what’s causing a patient’s symptoms or condition

Dictionary Says: tending to produce death or deterioration
In Layman’s Terms: cancerous cells that have the ability to multiply and destroy tissue

Dictionary Says: a highly malignant tumor that starts in melanocytes of normal skin or moles and metastasizes rapidly and widely
In Layman’s Terms: most dangerous type of skin cancer

Dictionary Says: an abnormal and usually degenerative state of the nervous system or nerves
In Layman’s Terms: any disease or malfunction of the nerves 

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