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Dr. Boyd Crockett, Springfield area Top Doctors winner for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, repairs his patients’ bodies when the game of life puts them on the sidelines. By Rose Marthis

Dr. Boyd Crockett chats with patient Jim Montgomery at the Southwest Spine & Sports Medicine clinic in the Bone and Joint Center in Springfield. 

Dr. Boyd Crockett puts people back together. Specializing in physical medicine, rehabilitation and sports medicine, Crockett has the opportunity to help fix his patients when they break themselves being weekend warriors or just living life.

Jim Montgomery and his family have been seeing Crockett for almost five years. Montgomery’s wife was referred to him first, but now Crockett has been helping Montgomery with his shoulders, knees and joint problems. “He’s an excellent physician,” Montgomery says. “He shows the extreme level of care that isn’t always present in doctors today.”

Crockett says he cares so much because he loves improving his patients’ lives. He has been with CoxHealth since 2001, when he finished his education at University of Missouri–Kansas City School of Medicine.  He loves his work because every day is new, even after 14 years. “It’s different each day because I interact with all types of people and personalities,” he says.

Crockett’s patients pick up on that fun he’s having, and they say it makes a world of difference. “He’s funny and keeps it lighthearted,” Montgomery says. “I really believe he cares about his patients and that they get better.”

When people are constantly pushing their bodies to the limit, sometimes treatment becomes routine maintenance. Montgomery goes to Crockett for a shoulder injury he suffered from working out. “He was able to identify the exact cause and started me into physical therapy,” Montgomery says. “He was able to get to get me to the other side of feeling better and healing.”

Montgomery says he is impressed by Crockett’s dedication, and that he never shows signs of stress. “He spends however much time he needs to make sure you’re completely taken care of,” Montgomery says. “He answers all your questions to make sure you understand the plan, and follows up to make sure you’re doing well.”

Crockett’s knack for sharing his knowledge is something Julie Becker also appreciates. Becker was referred to Crockett through friends, and she’s been seeing him for almost five years. 

He treats her joint problems from sports-related injuries, and he has helped her daughter with a torn ACL and her husband with herniated discs. “As long as I keep working out and doing what I want to do, I’ll have to keep seeing him,” she says. “The first treatment may not always work, so we try again. He gives more options and doesn’t give up on you.”

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