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116 Delicious midday meals to fill your belly and warm your soul

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Lunches for $10 or Less

Treat yourself without blowing your budget with these tantalizingly tasty lunch options that ring in at $10 or less.

Chili Dog at Louie’s Drive In
2415 W. Division St., Springfield, 417-831-0883
The recipe for these tasty Coney dogs was gifted to Louie’s from the original owner who opened the roadside diner back in 1949. These dogs cost just $1.50 each and come topped with cheese and onions. For an additional 75 cents, you can add jalapeños and tomatoes. With all the dough you’ve saved, splurge on a slice of homemade cobbler or a peanut butter shake. 


Sushi & More at Kazoku
3637 E. Sunshine St., Springfield, 417-882-1454
There are 25 sushi rolls on Kazoku’s menu, and 22 of them cost less than $10. Quite a steal! If you’re ready to try something out of the ordinary, order the spicy green mussel appetizer. Spicy masago is mixed with chili oil, sriracha, mayo and sesame seeds to create a flavorful sauce that’s slathered over three green mussels before the whole concoction is baked to perfection. Enjoy!


Chicken Bento Box at Haruno
3044 S. Freemont Ave., Springfield, 417-887-0077, 
Forget that clunky plastic box loaded with PB&J and a juice box—this is a much tastier filled lunch box. For just $9.95, the chicken bento box comes packed with chicken teriyaki, rice and your choice of two dishes including a California roll, veggie tempura, grilled mackerel, spicy tuna roll, and breaded pork or futomaki (a sushi roll with crab meat, fish eggs and radish pickles). 


America's Frito Pie at Great American Taco Company
2915 E Battlefield, Springfield, 417-315-8745,
For the small price of $7.50, this Frito pie comes piled high with chili beans, queso, red and green chili sauces, smoked cheddar, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, cilantro-citrus sour cream, crunchy Fritos and red and green chili ground beef. Before you dig in, here’s a word of advice: Have your napkin ready. This is one cheesy-but-delicious mess.


BBQ Nachos at Wilson’s Chuckwagon
1820 W. Kearney St., Springfield, 417-862-1101,
For $5.49, lunchgoers can fill up on a tower of tortilla chips, homemade baked beans, nacho cheese and their choice of pork, chicken or beef that’s hickory smoked in-house. Don’t forget to slather on the house-made barbecue sauce. With just a kick of Kansas City–style sweetness, this sauce goes great with a sprinkling of jalapeños, which, P.S., are free. 


Fajita Nachos at Primas Mexican Grill
multiple 417-land locations, 
While the chefs at Primas Mexican Grill can’t give away their secret recipe for that hot and oh-so-gooey homemade queso, you can still savor each spicy bite thanks to the fajita nachos. For $10, you can dive mouth-first into a pile of tortilla chips smothered in your choice of chicken or steak, onions, bell peppers, melted shredded cheese and plenty of that tantalizing queso. 


Coconut Shrimp at Fire & Ice Restaurant & Bar
2546 N. Glenstone Ave., Springfield, 417-522-7711, 
The crunchy coconut shrimp is one lunch item totally worth the 10 bucks you’ll throw down. Four to five large shrimp are dunked in buttermilk and encased in a mix of sweet coconut and flour before they’re fried and served alongside a bed of rice, wok veggies and a sweet and spicy pineapple curry cocktail sauce. 


Alpine Soup at Tea Garden Café
113 S. Main Ave., Bolivar, 417-326-3568
For those of you who haven’t tried the alpine soup at Tea Garden Café, it’s time to make lunch reservations. This simple delight gets requested from as far as Kansas City, and the true stars of the show are large chunks of cauliflower and broccoli that bob in a rich, creamy base. To turn the flavor up a notch, order your soup in one of the homemade sourdough bread bowls. For $5.99, you won’t be sorry.

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