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116 Delicious midday meals to fill your belly and warm your soul

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Tea Time

After dining at Spring Creek Tea Room in Ozark, we’ve finally figured out how to rock a tea room without losing our minds over lengthy waits or struggling what to pick from a delicious-sounding dessert menu. Here are a few tips. 

1. Make a reservation. Most tea rooms fill up quickly, but you can often kill time by scoping out the antiques that seem to go hand-in-hand with tea rooms. (Many of the tea rooms in 417-land do some sort of retail on the side.) If you're in the mood a side of shopping to go with your meal, check out the 400 booths at Relics Antique Mall & Tea Room. It’s definitely worth doing a little light shopping. 

2. Before you find your table, don’t forget to peruse the dessert menu or ogle the dessert counter. Spring Creek is known for its endless list of desserts, so it can take some time to choose your desired sweet treat. Cheesecake or butterscotch cake—how do you decide? Ask the server, duh! But once you’ve made up your mind, be sure to order your dessert first. These sweets are a hot commodity and once they’re out, they’re out.

3. Order the full-size entrees. They usually cost barely more than the half-sized portion, and you always leave with a doggy bag. At Spring Creek, the full-size entrees are just one dollar more, so don’t skimp.

4. If this is your first visit to a tea room, try the fruit soup. This is part of the tea room experience even if cold fruit soup scares you. The strawberry soup at Spring Creek is a cream-based treat that is akin to slurping down a strawberry shake. 

5. You have to order tea. Most tea rooms have a great selection of herbal, green, black and floral teas. You can sip on a tasty variety of loose-leaf teas at Relics Antique Mall Tea Room. 

6. Order more than one dessert. Tea room desserts are usually killer, and at Spring Creek, all desserts cost a measly $3.25. We highly recommend splitting a few desserts with your lunch buddies. There are too many tempting cakes and pies to choose just one. 

7. If you’re in a rush, order your food to go. Tea rooms often have lengthy wait times during the lunch rush. Spring Creek is hopping during lunch time, and wait times can be a total pain. Plus, when you order your food to go, you get the pleasure of walking past the long line of hungry visitors and snagging your meal.


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