10 Most Beautiful 2010

Meet your winners in our search for 417-land's most beautiful women—inside and out.

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Lisa Miller

Age: 38
Occupation: Office Assistant for Executive Assistant and Corporate Counsel, Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc. (AECI)

Lisa Miller was born in Brooklyn, New York, and lived in Florida, but she says 417-land is home. She went to most of high school in Nixa and graduated from Parkview High School in Springfield. She’s very involved in the local community, volunteering for the Springfield Workshop and Boys and Girls Clubs, and supporting the Care to Learn Foundation. Plus, she’s always keeping up with her kids Ryan, 8, and Tori, 7.—K.F.

Q+A with Lisa

What are your hobbies?
“My children, working in my yard, working out, being in the sun...  And I love to have conversations, like deep conversations. I’m not a ‘How’s the weather?’ type person. I love when people have depth, and they feel comfortable enough to talk about life and thoughts and dreams.”

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?
“I’m a Christian, and because of that relationship that I have with the Lord they see that joy in me. I don’t know how else to say that. And I was also told one time that I was effervescent, I thought that was pretty neat. Effervescent.”

What do you think makes a woman beautiful?
“Her heart.”

What are you most proud of?
“Probably my kids. My kids and my relationship with God.”

If you could invite anyone to dinner, who would it be and why?
“Irena Sendler. She was an amazing lady that wasn’t Jewish, but she was really afraid for the lives of the Jews around her, especially the children. She would sneak these children in to safety, and she did this for years. And she would take their names and information and she would bury it in jars in her backyard so later on she could try to reunite them. And one time she got caught and they beat her up, I mean they beat her crazy. They broke her legs and her arms. And after she healed, she kept doing it, but she had to do it in hiding until the war was over. And she was up for the Nobel Peace Prize a couple years ago, but Al Gore won it. It made me so mad, she’s amazing. She smuggled them past the Nazi guards hiding them in body bags or under loads of goods and stuff. It’s nuts. I think she smuggled like several hundred kids, and they tortured her trying to get information and she refused to let them know anything. Now tell me that’s not amazing, who wouldn’t like to have dinner with her?”

What are three words that describe you?
“Joyful, fun, I think, I think I’m fun, and probably serious. I’m pretty serious too.”

What’s your favorite feature about yourself?
“I think God gave me a really forgiving spirit. I don’t like to hold on to anger or resentment and stuff. I think he really blessed me with that, being able to forgive.”

When you were a little girl, who did you think was the most beautiful woman?
“My mom.”

What’s your favorite source of inspiration?

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
“The best piece of advice is probably to accept change because you can always count on it, and when you’re going through troubles and you’re down, deal with it and don’t dwell on it forever. Just kick yourself in the butt and give yourself time to feel it, to go through the emotions. Don’t dwell on it, and don’t sink down with it permanently. Just kick yourself in the butt and get back up and have joy with life. Just don’t let it take a hold of you. It’s ok to have self-pity for yourself for a while with certain situations, but after awhile it’s done, move on.”

What’s your biggest goal in life?
“My biggest goal in life is to live my life by God’s will. I want God’s will working in my life, I want that to be my focus. To live God’s will in my life, and with that I hope that my kids learn that too. I want them to have that, because if you’re doing that then everything else is going to fall into place. And with that I just want my kids to have a blessed life.”

Who is your celebrity crush?
“Gibbs from NCIS.”

What was your worst date ever?
“I went on a blind date years ago that I can even remember his name. We got in the car and he was very particular and had this cape on and he had to put his driving gloves on, like in perfection. And all night long I heard about how I shouldn’t tan and how I shouldn’t eat bad food. It was horrible, and I couldn’t get away quick enough. It was just bad.”

What’s your favorite way to spend a Saturday?
“I like a lot of peace in the morning. Peace and quiet, and I usually try to study my bible and then I’ll go work out and walk. And it depends, every other weekend I don’t have kids. When I have kids its usually waking up with quiet, and then we’ll clean house, and then we’ll go have some kind of adventure like going to a friends house at their pool, or go to a movie, I just try to focus on them when I have them. When it’s just me I love to go to the lake, like I went out to the lake a couple weekends and just layed out it a raft with a friend. It was awesome.”

What is your most prized possession?
“My kiddos.”

What is your Facebook status right now?
“’A father is not necessarily just a traditional biological dad. A father is someone who mentors, protects, teaches, and inspires a child and/or children with his love. He is faithful, patient, thoughtful, and respected because of the dedication he shows for a child. They are sometimes uncles, neighbors, coaches, and friends. For all of you who nurture a child have a blessed Father’s Day.’
I took that from a Facebook friend.”


Meet Lisa at Indulge: An Evening For Women, on September 23. Click here for more info and tickets

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