We're proud to be 417 Magazine.
But we're so much bigger than that.

We’re Whitaker Publishing, a life-improvement company in Springfield, Missouri serving more than 130,000 monthly readers. We produce award-winning publications, have a custom publishing division, a ticketing platform and an event planning division. While we're at it, we host parties and events for movers, shakers and everyone in between. There’s more to come. We promise.



Want to improve lives? You're in the right spot. We enrich our readers' lives with quality information presented in an attractive, entertaining way; our advertising clients with attractive, effective media to reach those readers; and our associates with a positive work environment that rewards professionalism and creativity.
Account Executive
Account executives sell across all platforms and receive incentives when revenue goals are met and exceeded. Top performers can even qualify to go on a free vacation. Apply here.
We offer internships for students interested in journalism, design, digital media, marketing, event planning and more. Apply here.
We're always on the lookout for a variety of models. Apply here.



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