Republic Scheduled to Welcome New Burger Joint this Fall

Beefcakes will serve up 10 signature burgers and homemade sauces including Sriracha mayo, green chili cilantro mayo, and mac and cheese.

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If everything goes as planned, Tiffany Myers—owner of the vintage home decor shop Scuffed Edge—will be opening her second business in Republic by early October 2017. And just like Scuffed Edge, Myers’ new venture is getting its start inside a now-shuttered donut shop. There’s one big difference, though. Beefcakes is all about the hamburger. 

Slated to open as early as October 1, Beefcakes is a fast-casual joint where signature burgers are cooked on a flat-top grill and loaded up with homemade sauces and as many locally sourced toppings as Myers can get her hands on. Between installations and UPS deliveries, Myers took a minute to talk with us about her big plans for Beefcakes and the shop’s cheeky theme. 

417 Magazine: What is it about burgers that hooked your interest?
Tiffany Myers: George [Myers' husband} thought it would be fun to do burgers here in Republic, and everyone loves burgers right now. When he lived in Kansas, he had a walk-up burger joint for about five years. 

417: Why open shop in Republic?
T.M.: Republic needs more places that sell fresh, homemade food. Republic doesn't have a whole lot of options that aren’t fast food. We wanted to do something fresh and locally sourced that had a fun environment to draw people to Republic. 

417: Is it a coincidence that both Scuffed Edge and now Beefcakes are getting their starts in old donut shops?
T.M.: We didn’t even think of that! We were just kicking this idea around and learned that the donut shop was available. The space was already set up for a restaurant to occupy, and it’s just 1,500 square feet. We wanted that intimate, small-town vibe.

417: How much renovation have you had to do inside?
T.M.: We painted the walls and had custom tables built that are made to look like 3-inch butcher block. We didn’t have to move any walls, so the 4-by4 cutout that looks into the kitchen is still there. Other than that, we added a faux brick paneling to one wall and put some sheetrock mud over it to make it look like an old crumbly brick wall. And if you’re familiar with the distressed wood planks I have behind the counter at Scuffed Edge, we added the same thing to one of the walls at Beefcakes.

417: Where did the name Beefcakes come from?
T.M.: I really loved the name, but George fought it. It went with the ornery theme we are going with. For example, one of our burgers is really spicy and has a Sriracha mayo, so we named it Prepare Your Angus. And we’re making t-shirts with #GrabOurBuns on them. You’ll need a sense of humor.

417: What are some of the other burgers you plan to have on the menu?
T.M.: We have a blue cheese burger called the Bulls-ey Blue, and one called Swine and Bovine that has bacon, ham and a beef patty. There will be 10 signature burgers, and most will come with two 4-ounce patties. 

417: Do you and George try different burgers when you travel?
T.M.: We haven’t really had time to travel lately, but we cook a ton at home. Most of our date nights are us staying home and cooking, so we’ve made a lot of burgers as we’ve put the menu together. 

417: Does your love of cooking come into play anywhere else on the menu?
T.M.: All of our signature sauces are homemade including our barbecue sauce, ketchup, Sriracha mayo, green chili cilantro mayo, and the mac and cheese.

417: Have there been any homemade concoctions that haven’t worked?
T.M.: I tried making a mustard syrup I thought would be great, but it turns out, it was not. 

417: What are some of the more unusual toppings you’ll have on your burgers?
All the classics are there like different cheeses, lettuce, onion and tomato, but then we have burgers topped with potato chips, cowboy salsa with black beans and corn, chili, mac and cheese, and balsamic drizzle. 

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