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Lovely Lips: $250 

1 Syringe of Lip Filler 

KienstraRX Lip Enhancing Complex

Enhance your lips and perfect your pout with our Lovely Lips package. Whether you are looking for subtle enhancement or desire to smooth those pesky lip lines from years of sunning, sipping and smiling—we've got you covered. By combining the use of filler and our KienstraRX lip enhancing complex, we are able to achieve a look that’s naturally you—but better.

Value: $349


Revital "Eyes": $500

2 Syringes of Botox/Dysport

3 Sessions of ProFractional Laser around the eyes

Revitalize the area around your eyes with two of our most popular treatments. By first relaxing the crows feet with Botox/Dysport, and then resurfacing the lines with a series of laser treatments, we are able achieve a refreshed look that softens lines from repeated squinting and smiling.

Value: $795

Forever Young BBL: $750

Three Treatments of Forever Young BBL

 “Forever Young BBL is the single best treatment for rejuvenation of your skin,” says Dr. Kienstra. A series of 3 treatments will slow down the aging clock and address immediate skin concerns such as freckles, age spots, rosacea, broken blood vessels and even acne. Forever Young BBL is backed by science and will give your skin a more radiant appearance while promoting overall skin health.

Value: $990


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