Dax Waddell, 9 months

Dax Waddell Cutest Baby Finalist

What is your favorite food?
Sweet potatoes—plain or mixed with any fruit or veggie. I've loved food from the beginning, but when I see the color orange, I know it's going to be an especially good meal.

What song makes you dance in your diaper?
“Can't Stop the Feeling”—we're a JT family.

What three words describe you?
Sweet, gushy, chill

Share something unique about yourself or a funny story:
I love making my family smile with my adorable facial expressions and poses. When I'm crawling around, I'll stop and roll to my side, then put my hand on my booty. Gets them every time. Personally, I get a kick out of FaceTime. I giggle so much when my mom calls out-of-town family. Did I mention some of my best memories are being carried up stairs? I laugh almost as hard as when my brother, Beckett, entertains me.

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