Kaiden Lindley, 13 Months

Kaiden Lindley Cutest Baby Finalist

What song makes you dance in your diaper?

I just love the song 'If You're Happy And You Know It'. I can even clap my hands to it!

What is your favorite food?

I can't get enough of green beans! I just love anything that has green beans in it, no joke!

What three words describe you?

I'm very smiley, funny and a sweetheart.

Tell us what makes you unique, or share a funny story.

I may be little over 13 months old, but I still can't walk. Instead I like crawl, but it's a silly crawl! I like to scoot one leg while my other leg dips and scoops when I crawl. My family calls it my 'pirate crawl' cause I look like a silly pirate who a ped leg when I do it! It's so funny and different, you just have check it out sometimes!

I also have the brightest set of blue eyes you will ever see and I will bet my whole sippy cup on that! Some people say the see the universe in my eyes cause they are so perfectly bright blue. I just know I will have 50 girlfriends by preschool with my type of eyes! Oh lala!

And no matter what is going on, I always have the biggest smile on my face! In my 13 months of life, I have experienced nothing but joy and happiness, so of course I'm going to smile at everything! :)

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