417 Magazine's Cutest Baby Contest

Kyer Cookson, 15 Months

Kyer Cookson | Cutest Baby Finalist

What song makes you dance in your diaper?
"Baby Shark"

What is your favorite food?
Maybe spaghetti, but I love to eat, and I am not too picky.

What three words describe you?
Mommas-boy. Happy. Loving.

Tell us what makes you unique, or share a funny story.
I have three older brothers, so let’s just say I’m in charge, and my day is full of shenanigans. I’m amazing at climbing, my mom says I’m the fastest she’s ever seen! I love exploring, my favorite place is in the room with the white bowl that is always full of water, it’s just the right size to lean on and play in. I love exploring on our land in the country and feeding our cows, miniature horse and chickens and riding the four-wheeler with my dad and mom. My favorite place to go is my church. I love to go to James River North every week; I am the best dancer when the music starts!

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